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Interactive Student Notebook American History I. What is it? An instructional learning tool that requires students to revisit concepts learned in class.

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1 Interactive Student Notebook American History I

2 What is it? An instructional learning tool that requires students to revisit concepts learned in class and/or for homework Right Side – Teacher-directed assignments (Ex: Class Notes) Left Side – Review activity You will have to actively “interact” with concepts learned from the left-side Serves as a chronological record Should be colorful and include various expressions that show your unique, personal style

3 Right-Side : Left-Side Orientation Left side = “Output” Used for processing new ideas Students work out an understanding of material by: – Practicing – Recording – Making diagrams – Using flowcharts – And MUCH MORE Taking notes doesn’t mean you learned it. You must actively do something with the information before you can internalize it This is YOUR work where you have processed the information Right side = “Input” Used for recording class and discussion notes – “Testable” information Where I organize a common set of information (i.e. notes) Provides and opportunity for me to model for you



6 Guidelines: Right Side – Teacher Input Right Side Includes: – Title and Unit Pages Begin a unit and do no require a “Left Side” – Student Learning Targets – Class, reading, and discussion notes – Informative handouts – Personal responses – Each right side page should contain: The date (upper right corner) Title of assignment centered on the first line (i.e. “Types of Government) Sequentially numbered (lower right corner) NOTE: – If you take up an entire page, continue taking notes/writing on the very next RIGHT-SIDE PAGE – If you’re absent consult a classmate FIRST then come to me if you still have questions – Assignments must be created in chronological order

7 Guidelines: Left Side – Student Input This is where you will – Reorganize new information in creative formats – Express your opinions – Explore connections to what has been learned – Apply skills learned Left Side Activities – What makes the notebook “interactive” – Purpose is to encourage you to revisit content recorded on the right side – This will cause you to study and review material in a more effective matter – They are all designed and created by the student are not assigned specifically NOTE: – Content or skills recorded on the right MUST be applied or combined with other concepts previously learned and not just a repetition – For visuals taken from the internet or other sources, there must be a HANDWRITTEN SUMMARY where you relate the picture to concepts – Any visual NOT created by you REQUIRES a correctly formatted MLA citation beneath, along with the summary

8 Examples of Left-Side Work Venn Diagram Chart/Graph Flow Charts Illustrated Proverbs Point of View Acrostic Timeline Connect to Today Comic Strips Pictoword Mind Notes Cause/Effect Charts Personal Responses Political Cartoon Crossword Map Art Poem Essay Concept Map Metaphors Processed Article Illustrated Vocabulary You may also come up with your own activities, just make sure you get approval from me before you complete it

9 Examples of Left-Side Work Pictoword

10 Examples of Left-Side Work Acrostic

11 Examples of Left-Side Work Concept Map

12 Examples of Left-Side Work Illustrated Definition

13 Examples of Left-Side Work Point of View

14 Examples of Left-Side Work Mind Notes

15 Evaluation When are notebooks checked? – Checks are announced – This is why you MUST bring your notebooks EVERY DAY and work on them EVERY DAY What if you forget to bring your notebook on the day I check them? – 5 points will be deducted for every day it is late – Don’t be LATE! What if you lose or misplace your notebook? – See me IMMEDIATELY – You will need to go back and REPLACE EVERYTHING – In other words, DON’T EVER LOSE IT!!! How does the notebook check impact your overall grade? – Each check will count as a HOMEWORK GRADE (15%)

16 Evaluation What will cause deductions? – Right Side: Assignments done out of order Incomplete assignment or notes taken Unit pages missing some or all of the required information – Left Side: Missing left sides of any right-side page Missing MLA citation for non-student created images or text Purpose of left side is unclear – Other: Notebook Instructional handout is not located in the correct place Main title page is not completed Notebook is not submitted on-time when a notebook check is done Honor Pledge is not written and/or signed

17 Elements of Notebook Cover: – First and Last name, Course Name, My Name, Block # Title Page: – First Right Side Page – Colorful and individualized designs related to course content (include name and block number) – ALSO: Write and Sign the Honor Code at the bottom of this page Notebook Guidelines: – Left side – Page 2 – Show this to your parents and have them sign it – Paste on the back of page 1 Notebook Evaluation Criteria Page: – Place on the next right side page – Show this to your parents and have them sign it – Number this page 3 in the bottom right corner Author’s Historical Page: – Your personal history – Make a timeline of your life until now and include at least 5 (no more than 10) important events – Be creative and make it yours – Number this page 4 in the bottom left corner Notebook Expectations Page – Next right page, page 5 – Write Notebook Expectations at the top – After reading the notebook guidelines and the notebook evaluation criteria handouts and listening to class discussion: Write a paragraph summary in your own words of your understanding of the expectations Second paragraph: explain how you understand this notebook will be evaluated

18 I pledge to be honest and fair. I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test or assignment.

19 Elements of Notebook Table of Contents – Number the next 4 pages on both sides (6-11) – On page 6 write TABLE OF CONTENTS at the top – Fill this in as you are assigned activities – Each assignment will need to have a page number and title Ex: – TABLE OF CONTENTS » Unit 1: Colonial America– Motives of Exploration– Unit Title Page – Next right side page (page 13) will be your first unit title page – You will create one for each unit – You will paste your Unit Assignment Sheet Here

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