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Mrs. Beg First- Grade Class

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1 Mrs. Beg First- Grade Class
Welcome Parents!

2 Welcome to First Grade! I will introduce you to our grade and to our classroom. If you have any questions during my presentation, please feel free to ask.

3 All About Me My background I grew up in Queens, New York.
I graduated with a B.S. in Elementary Education and a Master in Early Childhood Education from St. John’s University, New York. My experience I’ve been teaching for 15 years. This is my eighth year at Lost Lake.

4 My Family My husband Azeem My children Beautiful daughters,
Aleeza and Layla

5 My Goals To give your child the academic and social skills they will need to progress to Second grade. To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment. To help your child make new friends and discover new interests.

6 Class Subjects The subjects in first grade are:
Reading – spelling, grammar, reading comprehension, robust vocabulary, High frequency list, phonics, fluency and writing Writing Math Science Social studies Character Education

7 Reading Expectations Harcourt Story Town Reading Series
Tested weekly – Thursdays Teacher will read test only until the first progress report Upon leaving first grade, students need to be reading at least 80+ words per minute. STAR test at 2.0 level or above. Students should be able to read 100% of the Dolch Word (Sight Words) List for first grade.

8 Reading Reading Block = 2hours (120 minutes)
Phonics- We will focus on a weekly phonic skill. High Frequency Words- We will learn high frequency words weekly. Robust Vocabulary Words- We will learn the meaning of 6 robust vocabulary words weekly. Students must understand the meaning of the words. Weekly Reading Comprehension Story – Lesson 1-30 Reading Centers – Grammar, Word Work, Letters and Sounds, Reading Writing, Computer, and small group with me. Grammar- We will learn a weekly grammar skill and practice the skill. Writing-We will learn a writing craft and practice the craft throughout the week.

9 Reading Grading System
Reading Grades: Reading Lessons Weekly Test - Lessons 1-30, including Robust Vocabulary sections. We will read the Reading Test until the first Progress Report. High Frequency List Test- We will give an assessment 3 times per grading period (total of 12). Grade level will use the same list of words. Fluency– Fluency will be graded starting the 3rd 9 weeks; grade level will use the same grading scale for grading student fluency. Fluency will be monitored as a grade level for the 1st and 2nd 9 weeks. Cold Read Test- Cold Read passages will be graded starting the 4th nine weeks. The passages will the same across the grade level. 1st 9 weeks 2nd 9 weeks 3rd 9 weeks 4th 9 weeks Reading Lessons Weekly Test -75% Reading Lessons Weekly Test -50% Reading Lessons Weekly Test -25% High Frequency List Test -25% Fluency-25% Cold Read Test -25%

10 Why is fluency important?
What is fluency? According the National Reading Panel (2000), fluency is the ability to read text with speed, accuracy and proper expression.  Fluent readers: Recognize words automatically Read aloud effortlessly and with expression Do not have to concentrate on decoding Can focus on comprehension Why is fluency important? “Fluency is important because it provides a bridge between word recognition and comprehension.” (Reading Links, 2002, p. 9).   Fluency doesn’t ensure comprehension, but comprehension is difficult without fluency.  If a reader is constantly stopping to decode and figure out unknown words, most likely meaning will be disrupted and the process of reading becomes long and laborious. When students make gains in reading fluency, they are able to put their energies into comprehension and are able to analyze, interpret, draw conclusions, and infer meaning from texts. Fluency folders will challenge every students every day to become a fluency and independent reader and prepare for the fluency test.

11 Writing Writing Rubric 0 - Off topic or nothing written.
1 - Very little written, no or few details, but on topic. 2 –A single complete, on topic sentence. 3 – Multiple on topic sentences, Main idea with some details. 4 – Good organization, and has beginning, middle and end. 5 –Good detailed and complete sentences to support the topic, with a complete beginning, middle and ending. 6 – Many details and examples, uses “razzle dazzle” vocabulary with complete and creative beginning, middle and ending. Daily Writing Activities that go along with our reading series. Student will be able to spell frequently used words correctly. When writing, student will be able to spell words with the beginning, middle, and ending sounds. Student will be able to write 3 complete sentences related to one topic. Student will be able to use brainstorming techniques and use a graphic organizers. Student will be able to use proper punctuation and capitalization when writing sentences. Q2 Q3* Q4 0-59 1 60-69 2 70-79 70-74 3 80-89 80-84 75-79 4 90-100 85-89 5 6

12 Language Arts Grade Spelling - ( Dictation- will not be a separate grade and will be included progressively .) Writing - (Grade level will pick writing prompts to use for this assessment) Grade will be based on our first grade writing rubric. Grammar- - We will learn a weekly grammar skill and test on it at the end of the week. The spelling words and grammar skill come from our weekly story. 1st 9 weeks 2nd 9 weeks 3rd 9 weeks 4th 9 weeks Spelling with dictation sentence 55% 33% Grammar 45% Grammar 33% Writing 34% Dictation Sentences Grading Scale  1 point is awarded for each correct capital letter. 1 point is awarded for each correct punctuation. 1 point is awarded for each correctly written and spelled word (leaving out words will earn no points for the omitted words). Students should take particular care that their letters are written correctly so that they are given credit for spelling a word correctly. For example, an “h” with a very short stem will look like an “n”.  The student’s points will be totaled and divided by the points possible on that particular dictation test for the student’s score. Because sentences vary in the number of words, the total points possible will most likely change from week to week.

13 Math Harcourt Go Math is our math curriculum. Tested weekly- Fridays.
Weekly Chapter Test- (Taken from Florida Benchmarks Practice Book) End of Chapter Test- (Taken from the Go Math student workbook) Math Facts- Practiced the first three quarters. Graded the fourth quarter. Due to curriculum changes and new county pacing guides, we will be moving around the workbook from time to time. No need to panic! Lessons are hands-on. More time dedicated to addition and subtraction for a stronger foundation. 1st 9 weeks 2nd 9 weeks 3rd 9 weeks 4th 9 weeks Weekly Chapter Test 40% Weekly Chapter Test 40% Weekly Chapter Test 60% End of Chapter Test 60% End of Chapter Test 60% Weekly Minute Math Test 40%

14 Homework Homework is a very worthwhile part of your child's day and it is very important to his or her success in school.  We use it as a way to review and practice important skills learned in the classroom. Homework encourages responsibility and should be viewed as a way to help your child succeed in school.  One way to teach responsibility is by expecting your child to complete their homework daily and return it. Some ways families can help their child with homework are: Have a specific time each day to complete homework. Make sure it is in a quiet, comfortable, well-lit place. Make sure there are no distractions (loud music, TV blaring, video games.) Help your child, but do not do their homework for them.

15 Weekly Homework Homework will be in the red folder on Friday. All homework will be collected on Thursday. Monday: Use the Spelling Menu to complete an activity with your spelling words. Tuesday: Math worksheet Wednesday: Read weekly story and answer questions in complete sentences. Thursday: Pick a writing prompt from the monthly calendar and write 3 or more sentences. Friday: Read a book and write the title on your read recognition log.

16 Classroom Grading Scale
Weekly test will be sent home on Fridays. PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN ALL TEST THE NEXT DAY IF THE GRADE IS BELOW 79 (c). Reading (Weekly Reading Test, High Frequency List, Cold Read and Fluency), Language Art (Grammar, Writing) and Math (Weekly Chapter test, End of Chapter test, and Weekly Minute Math Test) Grading Scale A B 89-80 C 79-70 D 69-60 F 59-0 RTI –Response to Intervention support for teacher/ student

17 Science Our science curriculum is Florida Interactive Science Pearson
We have wonderful big books to teach scientific facts along with interactive experiments. In late Fall, we have our Annual Science Fair Night. Parents are invited to visit our school to see the experiment your child’s class has completed.

18 Social Studies Our social studies curriculum is Houghton Mifflin.
We have interesting big books to teach history along with great topics like good citizens, American leaders, geography, maps and globe. Every child will learn the importance of social studies along with current events. In the Spring, we will have our annual Multicultural Festival. We will go on an adventure around the world visiting each continent.

19 Classroom Procedures Students enter the class at 8:20am.
Behavior – Check agendas for notes Attendance – Tardiness 8:30. If your child is absent, please send in a note. Prearranged absences a week in advance. Reading Recognition – Please fill out the sheet. Keep in binder. Awards at end of year. Smiley Face Math– (Optional) Please practice with child

20 Testing Accelerated Reader – (AR) Testing will begin soon. Books from media and classroom library. Star Reading – Tested for reading level Star Math – Tested for math level F.A.I.R. Testing- a comprehensive set of reading assessments to support instructional decision making and student learning that focuses on assessment for learning, focus on elements of reading, and is tied to the Florida state standards. It will help teachers diagnose student needs.

21 Parties and Snacks Snacks, Parties, and Holiday Sharing
Store bought goodies are acceptable. Snacks should be LOW SUGAR. If you send a snack, your child will eat it at the end of the day before Enrichment. If your child cannot participate in celebrations, please let me know. Birthday Parties are now limited to a treat handed out at lunchtime. Please let me know if you have any allergy concerns.

22 Forms Office Paperwork
Please make sure you sign ALL forms and return them as soon as possible Trip forms must be signed. Medical Waiver must be sign for every field trip. Chaperone forms must be filled out and must be cleared before going on trips. Volunteer forms are located in the office. If you are a new volunteer, fill out the blue form. Previously existing volunteer, please contact K.Hart in the front office. School Insurance is available

23 Class Events Field Trips – We are planning our Field Trip.
Enrichment Classes – Enrichment time 2:00-2:45 except Wednesday 1:15-1:45 Conduct card – given to disruptive students Lion Loot – paper money given as a reward Agendas and Textbooks – Must be returned daily Report cards –October--- TBA Progress Report – Sept. 21 Conferences – 2x for the year Book Orders – chance to build your library at home. Student of the Month – Character Traits -Once a month a student is selected for this honor. Friday morning at 9:00 T-Kids- a student who shows great success in class.

24 Student Illness Student must be fever free for 24 hours before return to school (without the aid of Tylenol or other medication). Hand washing daily is practiced in the classroom (before lunch and after restrooms use). Hand sanitizer will be provided by the school district.

25 PBS(Positive Behavior Support)
Lost Lake Elementary PBS(Positive Behavior Support) Mission Statement: To provide a safe learning environment where students enjoy learning and can grow. School-wide Behavior System: Hallways, Cafeteria and Classrooms Rewarding students for POSITIVE Behavior


27 Reward System Pink Lion Loot-Cafeteria Blue Lion Loot-Specials
Given only by lunchroom assistant Earn loot as a class Must follow posted lunchroom behavior Reward once a month for top class from each grade level and top class overall Blue Lion Loot-Specials Given only by a special area teacher Follow the rules for special areas Reward once a semester Establish own guidelines for Lion Loot day

28 Yellow Lion Loot-Hallways and Classroom Given in Hallways for:
Being quiet Keeping hands to your side Single file line Keeping to the right Classroom teachers may reward students with Yellow Lion Loot for following classroom rules set by the teacher. Students may redeem for rewards. They may redeem on designated days or save for a larger reward and redeem later. Rewards are: 5=Homework Pass 10=Ice Cream Coupon 15=VIP Lunch 20=Game Day 25=Dance Party 30=Football Tips

29 Uniform Dress Code Policy
The Lost Lake Elementary School Advisory Council has established our mandatory uniform policy as follows: Monday through Thursday- Tops:  Knit polo style collared shirts in white, navy blue, hunter green, light blue or pink. No T-shirt allowed Monday through Thursday. Tucked in shirttails are preferred. Bottoms:  Shorts (fingertip length) or long pants (not baggy or form fitting), skirts, skorts, jumpers, or culottes in black, navy or khaki (solid color only).  Belts are preferred but optional.  Leggings or stocking in solid black , blue or white only. Fridays only– Jeans on Friday must be fully intact appropriately worn jeans (not baggy or form fitting), without fashionable rips or tears. Jeans must be worn with any Lost Lake shirt. Footwear:  Tennis shoes or shoes with an enclosed heel are preferred.  Sandals must have a heel strap. Consequences for Dress Code Violation 1st Offense: Parent Contact- Administration Notification 2nd Offense: Lunch Detention 3rd Offense: School Plus – After School Detention 4th Offense: In-School Suspension 5th Offense: Out-of-School Suspension

30 THANK YOU !!! Times to call if need (3:00 – 3:30 is best.) is fastest! Address – Website:

31 Let’s Have a Great Year!

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