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How to organize your mysterious PowerPoint

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1 How to organize your mysterious PowerPoint
Research PowerPoint How to organize your mysterious PowerPoint

2 Introduction In the first part of your slide show, you will introduce your topic List things about what it is- just general background information Be sure to include at least one graphic- this would be a good first slide. You are going to have to cite your information- don’t worry we’ll get there.

3 Introduction For the introduction you may want to include the following: Where your object or person is located Describe it- what does it look like? Who are they (where they live, what they do, family) What the purpose or significance of it is.

4 Body Your body consists of the majority of your slides and your research Begin with the mystery- why is this place or person a subject of debate? Why do people talk about it? What are some of the mysterious things about it or them? Now you are going to need to go into quite a bit of detail. List all the specific qualities or facts of it or them. You need to make sure you have at least 3 slides in this section.

5 Body Next, you need to describe the various theories as to what the solution is. This could be who did it, what its purpose is, why it is the way it is, does it really exist. You will have at least two theories attached to your topic, but you may want to dig for more or include more if you know them.

6 Body You need to have at least 2 slides for each theory.
You need to describe why people think this way, what is their evidence, and why do they think that. Who is the person or persons that think this way? This is the main part of your research and if you can’t do this, you need to look for more information.

7 Conclusion You are going to wrap up the PowerPoint with your take on it. What do you think happened? Do you think it is real? Why do the strange things happen? What is its purpose? You can do this in one slide, but you may want to use more. REMEMBER: You need to include at least 3 graphics in your presentation- try to scatter them so that the whole presentation has some flavor.

8 The End We will now discuss how to cite your sources- pay careful attention to this next slide show. YOU CAN DO THIS!

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