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Giving Presentations Maeve Gallagher Student Learning Development.

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1 Giving Presentations Maeve Gallagher Student Learning Development

2 What experience do you have of giving presentations? Do you like presenting? If yes – why do you like presenting? If no – why do you not like presenting? Will you need to complete any presentations as part of your course? Giving Presentations

3 What’s the worst that can happen? What solutions can you generate to overcome these problems? Giving Presentations


5 Plan Prepare Practice Present The 4 P’s of Presenting

6 Why Present? Understanding Enthusiasm Overview Entertain Convince Impress….

7 Who is your audience? Why are they there? What is the subject of your speech? What is the purpose of your speech? How long will it be? Where will it take place? Will you use visual aids? Planning

8 Decide on what audience need to know v what would be nice for them to know (but is less important). Methods and sources for researching subject topic. Shape and Structure. Visual aids – key points only KISS! Getting the nerves under control. Preparation

9 Give general information? Give detailed information? Tentative point of view? Teach a specific skills? A proposed course of action? Purpose

10 Your own experience Listening and talking to others Books, Journal articles, Newspaper cuttings, internet, television programmes… Group the information Be choosy: decide on relevancy Decide on a rough introduction, main argument and conclusion Research for presentations

11 Speak about a topic for one minute Try to avoid umhs and ahs (one point gained for each one). Repetition and pauses allowed. The lower the points the better your presentation Just a Minute Presentations

12 What 3 things would you like the audience to remember from your presentation? 1. 2. 3. 3 things you’d like audience to remember

13 Introduction Main theme Summary/ Conclusions Get audience attention. Let your own interest shine through. Facts should be in logical order. Make sure there is sequence Re-state your main points. Make it ‘punchy’ and interesting Shape and Structure

14 One major concept per slide Few words per slide Try to limit levels and points Limit slides Have back ups Colours and font sizes use of graphics. Preparation of Slides

15 Check room, time and equipment Awareness of self, voice, body language and confidence Rehearse!!!!!!! Organise visual aids, notes and handouts Prepare for audience questions Practice

16 Tone of voice Facial expressions Eye contact Smiling Open Posture Gestures and use of hands Physical space between you and audience Awareness and inclusion of audience Awareness of context and cultural differences Rapport and authenticity Non Verbal Behaviour

17 But most importantly…… Relax

18 Plan Prepare Practice Present Summary

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