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Writer’s Workshop By Mrs. Hicks.

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1 Writer’s Workshop By Mrs. Hicks

2 Writer’s Workshop Use this as your guide to Writer’s Workshop.
Keep Writing!!

3 Choose a Topic Look at your topic chart. Choose a topic (yellow).
Draw a topic web. Write 4-5 ideas (blue) about your topic that you would like to include in your story.

4 Write Your Rough Draft Using your blue pen write your rough draft from your topic web. Be sure to write a line and skip a line. Include the ideas from your topic web. Make sure your writing has a beginning, a middle and an end. This is your “sloppy copy” so don’t worry about any mistakes, just cross them out.

5 Revising Use your green pen. Your revising checklist will help you.
Make your story even better.

6 Editing Use your red pen. Have your editing check list help you.
Find as many errors as you can.

7 Teacher‘s Conference When you have finished your revising and editing, it’s time to conference with your teacher. Bring your notebook so your teacher can write on the conferencing log. If the teacher is busy, start a new story or work on another one. Remember – Writer’s Workshop is never done!

8 Final Copy After conferencing with your teacher, work on your final copy. Add in your revising and editing changes. Write as neatly as possible. Skip a line to make it easy to read. Put it in your published folder, we may be publishing it at some time!

9 How are you doing?

10 Publishing Publishing our work is very special, so do your best work on every story. Ideas for publishing: Make a class book. Create a cover and import a picture. Type your whole story and import a picture. Type your story and draw your own picture in the paint program. Make a book including the title page, dedication page, author page and front/back covers. Other ideas that we come up with during the year may be used.

11 Have fun while writing! Write about things that interest you!
Share your writing with others! Be proud of what you have written. Have fun!

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