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Procedural Text Grade 6 Language Arts.

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1 Procedural Text Grade 6 Language Arts

2 Materials Needed Page Protector Pencil/Eraser 3 sheets of looseleaf

3 Choosing a topic

4 Think/Pair/Share What are some activities that you know how to do SO well that you could teach someone else how to do it? You could even do it with your eyes closed!

5 Demonstration Show class how to do something that you know how to do INCREDIBLY well… What do you think this text might look like in the end?

6 Schedule January 20th – 24th (choosing a topic) January 27th – 31st (planning) February 3rd – 7th (drafting) February 10th – 14th (revising/editing) February 17th – 21st (publishing) The week after March Break (presenting)

7 What will I include? What does a procedural text need? Materials list
Steps in order Transition words Imperative verbs Introduction Conclusion

8 When Choosing a Topic Things to consider when choosing a topic:
Do I know enough about this task to teach it to someone else? Can I bring something into class that will help demonstrate how to do this task? Do I enjoy doing this task? *** Homework for Monday is to choose a topic***

9 Planning

10 What are the Main Ideas?

11 What Materials are Needed?

12 What are the Main Steps?

13 Mini lessons

14 Read an Exemplar Read the text BLT on your own and then re-read as a class with voice & expression Think/Pair/Share your opinion about this writing piece (your first impressions)

15 Revising & Editing BLT Have students use highlighters to identify the following in BLT Highlight all transition words in green Highlight the topic sentence and closing sentence in blue Write the main idea for each paragraph in the column using orange Highlight good use of word choice in pink Highlight good use of punctuation in yellow

16 Evaluate BLT Things that were well done?
Things that could be improved? - *** You should have 5 of each and hand them in for marks***

17 Transition Words Ask students to choose 1 of the following 3 questions to discuss after a minute What is a transition word? Why do we use transition words? What resources do we have in this classroom to find transition words?

18 Transition Word Brainstorm
Ask students to brainstorm 5 transition words with their group and have 1 volunteer come up to the front of the class to write it on the Smart Board

19 Worksheets Bring attention to the red folders at the front of the class (in the shelf) and show students the handout with transition words Complete the transition words worksheets Good for Glue Transition Chart Find That Transition

20 Drafting

21 Materials List Page protector for rough copy Looseleaf
Pencil (absolutely no pen) Eraser Copy of their plan

22 Outline Paragraph 1 (introduce your topic)
Paragraph 2 (explain the materials needed) Paragraph 3 (go through the steps in detail) Paragraph 4 (review any complications or tips) Paragraph 5 (conclude your topic)

23 Topic Sentence Hand out the worksheet using topic sentences and have students find ways of captivating the readers attention!

24 Revising & Editing

25 Revising & Editing Have a look at my example and revise & edit to improve my text! Reminders Use red folder to find different transition words Use thesaurus to improve word choice Use dictionary for spelling errors

26 Revise & Edit Word Choice (pink) - write 2 or more descriptive words per paragraph Organization (orange) -write introduction, materials needed, steps, tips & conclusion in the left-hand column Ideas (blue) - add 1 or more details to each paragraph that make it more interesting Conventions (green) - add one new punctuation to each paragraph (brackets, exclamation mark, ellipses, quotation marks, etc.) Fluency (yellow) - add 1 new transition word to each paragraph for interest

27 Publishing

28 Netbooks or Paper & Pencil?
In order to use netbooks they must have the following: - A working printer at home - A USB stick with them the day you start publishing - Knowledge of how to use MS word - Willingness to write on paper at the last minute if technology doesn’t work out

29 Reminders Students will publish their good copy during class and follow the expectations: Plain white-lined paper Name on the top Title on the top (capital letters) Indent paragraphs Single-Spaced

30 Handing in your Work Make sure you hand-in your final copy by ________________________. Staple the top left-hand corner and make sure your title and name are on the top 

31 Presentation

32 Now for the Fun Part! Decide how you’d like to teach your skill to the class. You can bring in props that will help support your presentation. You aren’t going to read your text to the class… just present your topic and show us how to do the thing you do best! Presentations should be 2 minutes maximum (keep it simple & fun) Presentations will start on Wednesday after March break!

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