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INTERVIEWING SEQUOYAH This is Erica reporting for USBT. I am going back into time interviewing Sequoyah. Erica: When were you born? Sequoyah: I was born.

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Presentation on theme: "INTERVIEWING SEQUOYAH This is Erica reporting for USBT. I am going back into time interviewing Sequoyah. Erica: When were you born? Sequoyah: I was born."— Presentation transcript:


2 INTERVIEWING SEQUOYAH This is Erica reporting for USBT. I am going back into time interviewing Sequoyah. Erica: When were you born? Sequoyah: I was born in 1776. Erica: What did you do to keep the Cherokee Nation alive? Sequoyah: I wrote the Cherokee Alphabet. Erica: Where were you born? Sequoyah: I was born in the village of Tuskegee. Erica: Who were your mother and father? Sequoyah: My father was Nathaniel Gist, a Virginia fur trader. My mother was Wut-teh, daughter of a Cherokee chief. Erica: What did you do when you grew up? Sequoyah: When I grew up, I married a Cherokee woman, had a family, and became a silversmith by trade. Erica: What was one thing you wanted to learn? Sequoyah: I wanted to learn the English Alphabet, but I never did. Erica: What did you do after the war? Sequoyah: After the war, I began writing the Cherokee Alphabet. Erica: How many symbols did your Cherokee Alphabet have? Sequoyah: The Cherokee Alphabet had 85 symbols Erica: Did you teach any of your kids these symbols? Sequoyah: Yes. I taught my daughter, Ayoka, these symbols. Erica: Did your daughter help you teach this Cherokee Alphabet? Sequoyah: Yes.

3 Erica: How long did it take for the Cherokees to learn their alphabet? Sequoyah: The Cherokees learned their alphabet within a few months. Erica: Did you ever win something for your Cherokee Alphabet? Sequoyah: Yes. I won a silver medal. Erica: When you were a kid, could you speak English? Sequoyah: No When I was a kid, all I spoke was the Cherokee language. Erica: Did you give your symbols a nickname? Sequoyah: Yes. I called my symbols talking leaves. Erica: Was the newspaper printed in Cherokee Language? Sequoyah: No. Half was English and half was Cherokee. Erica: Did your father have any other names? Sequoyah: Besides George Gist, my father was known as George Guest or Guess. Erica: What would the village of Tuskegee be called now? Sequoyah: Tennessee on the Tennessee River in the Overhills country. Erica: When you grew up, was there anything else you did besides being a husband, father, and a silversmith? Sequoyah: Yes. I was also a blacksmith. Erica: Were you ever seriously injured? Sequoyah: Yes. I was lame from an injury in a hunting accident. Erica: Did you ever leave home? Sequoyah: Yes. I went to Mexico.

4 INTERVIEWING ALBERT EINSTEIN Good Morning. This is Joshua from the DBZ newsroom going back in time to visit Mr. Albert Einstein. Josh: Mr. Einstein, what year were you born? Einstein: 1879 Josh: When did you begin to investigate the natural when? Einstein: In 1884 when I received my first compass. Josh: When did you first start school? Einstein: When I was 10 years old, I started educating myself. Josh: What was your favorite subject? Einstein: Science, I read as much as I could. Josh: How old were you when you graduated high school? Einstein: I was 17 years old. Josh: When did you marry? Einstein: Mileva and I married in 1903. Josh: What is the Miracle Year? Einstein: 1905. The year my Special Theory of Relativity was born. Josh: What happened in 1907? Einstein: I began working on the laws of gravity. Josh: In 1911, what happened at the German University? Einstein: We had the first world physics conference. Josh: In 1917 you became very ill. What did you do after you got better? Einstein: I published my first paper on cosmology.

5 Josh: What year did the solar eclipse happen that proved your General Theory of Relativity was correct? Einstein: 1919. Josh: What year did you receive the Nobel Prize? Einstein: 1922. Josh: What did you win the Nobel Prize for? Einstein: Physics Josh? When did you and your wife move to the United Stated? Einstein: My wife and I move here in 1913. Josh: Where did you settle? Einstein: Princeton, NJ. Josh: What happened to your wife? Einstein: In 1933, she died after a brief illness. Josh: When did you write to President Franklin D Roosevelt? Einstein: In 1939, when WWII began. Josh: Why did you write him? Einstein: To warn him of the possibility of Germanys Atomic bomb. Josh: When did you become an American citizen? Einstein: In 1940, I became a citizen. Josh: What happened in 1955? Einstein: I died on April 16 th of heart failure.

6 INTERVIEWING ROBERT E. LEE Derek: What war were you in? Lee: The Civil War. Derek: Where were you born? Lee: Stratford, Virginia. Derek: When were you born? Lee: 1807 Derek: When did the war start? Lee: 1861 Derek: When did the war stop? Lee: 1865 Derek: Where did you go to school? Lee: U.S. Military Academy. Derek: Were you hit in the war? Lee: Yes. Derek: Were you a president? Lee: No. Derek: Which side were you on? Lee: The Confederates. Derek: Were you ever commander of the Confederate Army? Lee: Yes. Derek: Did you ever work for Jefferson Davis? Lee: Yes. Derek: Is war hard? Lee: Yes.

7 INTERVIEWING JOHN ADAMS I am interviewing John Adams from DPH news. Jake: How old were you when you died? Adams: I was 37 Jake: How did you die? Adams: A person shot me in the back of the head. Jake: Where were you? Adams: At the theater. Jake: What college did you go to? Adams: I went to Harvard. Jake: Who did you marry? Adams: Abigail Smith. Jake: What president were you? Adams: I was the second president. Jake: Where were you before you became president? Adams: I was in Congress. Jake? Did you live in the White House? Adams: Yes. I was the first president to live there. Jake: When were you born? Adams: In October, 1735. Jake: Did you have a son? Adams: Yes I did. Jake: When did he die? Adams: On July 4 th.

8 Jake: Who was your great grandfather? Adams: Henry Adams. Jake: Was your son a president? Adams: Yes he was. Jake: Which president was he? Adams: He was the sixth president.

9 This is Steven Reporting for KEVS12 News. I am interviewing Ulysses S. Grant. Steven: What were you famous for? Grant: I was the president of the United States. Steven: What school did you go to? Grant: I went to Military School. Steven: When were you born? Grant: I was born April 27 th, 1822. Steven: When were you married? Grant: I was married in August 22, 1884 in St. Louis. Steven: What were your childrens names? Grant: Their names were Fred, Ulysses Jr., Nellie, and Jesse. Steven: What were your parents names: Grant: Their names were Jesse Grant and Hannah Simpson Grant.

10 INTERVIEWING RUBY BRIDGES This is McKena from MSIC News reporting Ruby Bridges. McKena: We are happy to have you here! Ruby: Thank You! McKena: So how old were you when you went to an all white school? Ruby: I was six. McKena: Did the police help you? Ruby: No. McKena: What color was your teacher, Mrs. Henry? Ruby: White. McKena: When were you born? Ruby: September 8 th, 1954. McKena: Where were you born? Ruby: In Tyler Town, Mississippi. McKena: What white school did you go to? Ruby: William Frantz Elementary School. McKena: Who was Dr. Coles? Ruby: A child Psychologist. McKena: Did you like your teacher? Ruby: Yes. She was wonderful! McKena: Were you brave? Ruby: Yes.

11 McKena: Why did you only eat packaged food? Ruby: I thought other kind had poison. McKena: Were you married? Ruby: Yes. McKena: When did you realize you were so important? Ruby: When my brother died in a drug related shooting. McKena: Well, that is all for now. Bye. Ruby: Bye Bye!

12 INTERVIEWING MICHAEL JORDAN This is Shambrea reporting for OJH. I am interviewing Michael Jordan. Sham: What is your position? Michael: I am a guard Sham: How tall are you? Michael: My height is 66. Sham: When were you born? Michael: I was born on February 17 th, 1963. Sham: What high school did you go to? Michael: I went to Zaney High School Sham: Where was it? Michel: It was in Wilmington, NC. Sham: When did you go to college? Michael: I went to college in 1963. Sham: How many seasons have you played? Michael: I have played 14 seasons. Sham: When were you named Most Valuable Player? Michael: 1997-1998 Sham: What is your nickname? Michael: My nickname is MJ. Sham: How much do you weigh? Michael: I weigh 216 pounds.

13 Sham: What team did you play for in 1998? Michael: I played for the Bulls. Sham: Where were the Bulls? Michael: In Chicago. Sham: How long were you retired the second time? Michael: 3 years. Sham: How many people came to the first Wizards? Michael: 20,000 people. Sham: What was your favorite team? Michael? I like them all the same. Sham: How old are you? Michael: I am 38. Sham: How many points did you score against New York Nicks? Michael: I scored 19 points. Sham: What team do you play for now? Michael: I play for the Wizards. Sham: When did your first shoe come out? Michael: In 1998.

14 INTERVIEWING HARRIET TUBMAN This is Keith reporting BES with Harriett Tubman. Keith: Where were you born? Harriet: I was born on a Maryland Plantation. Keith: How did you free slaves? Harriet: I snuck them out at night. Keith: What was your work? Harriet: I worked as a childs nurse. Keith: Why were families broken apart? Harriet: An owner could sell them whenever he or she wished. Keith: What did you want to learn? Harriet: to read and write. Keith: What illness did you have? Harriet: I suffered blackouts.

15 INTERVIEWING GEORGE WASHINGTON Hi. My name is Brittany. I am interviewing George Washington by HGC> Brittany: When were you born? George: February 22 nd, 1732. Brittany: Who were your parents? George: Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. Brittany: Did you have children? George: Yes. 5 adopted: John, Jack, Parke, Martha, and Patsy. Brittany: What was your religion? George: My religion is Episcopalian. Brittany: Did you have an education? George: No. I had no formal education. Brittany: Did you win the Revolutionary War? George: Yes. We won the Revolutionary War. Brittany: Was beating the British hard? George: Yes, very hard. Brittany: Did you like your life? George: Yes, but sometimes it was hard. Brittany: Did you like being president? George: Yes.

16 INTERVIEWING ADAM HOUSE Hi. I am Bethany for BEB News. We have traveled back in time to 1800. I am here with Adam House, my great, great, everso great granddad at House Springs. I am about to talk to him right in the middle of the massacre he is famous for. Beth: What exactly happened? Adam: Indians massacred me. Beth: Why didnt you give them the horses when they attacked you? Adam: They didnt give me a chance. Beth: When did your kids return? Adam: It took several days for their return. Beth How many Indian were there? Adam: Two. Beth: How long ago did this happen? Adam: 200 years ago. Beth: What was the date of this massacre? Adam: March of 1800 Beth: Who got help? Adam: My son, John, ran all the way to Carondelet. Beth: Who did he get there? Adam: The French Commander, Pierre Treget. Beth: Why did you get a French Commander? Adam: Missouri was not yet a state and was ruled by the French.

17 Beth: How many children were killed? Adam: My nine year old son, Jacob. Beth: Who else was killed? Adam: My wife and I. Beth: Who escaped? Adam: My two daughters, Betsy and Peggy ran in one direction to get help. My son, John, ran in the other direction. Beth: What were you doing when the Indians attacked? Adam: Making maple sugar. Beth: How did Indians massacre you? Adam: First they came and wanted horses. Then I told them no. Thy came at night to steal them. I caught them and got them arrested. They killed me. Beth: How did they kill you? Adam: They beheaded me and hung my head on the tree right here. Beth: What were some main inventions in your life? Adam: A covered wagon and a plow. Beth: What was your favorite invention? Adam: The plow.

18 INTERVIEWING ELVIS PRESLEY Hi. I am Jalisa interviewing Elvis Presley at KVS12. Jalisa: What was your wifes name? Elvis: Pricilla Jalisa: What was your daughters name? Elvis: Lisa Marie Jalisa: What is your home called? Elvis: Grace land. Jalisa: Do you have an airplane? Elvis: Yes. Jalisa: What is the name of the airplane? Elvis: Lisa Marie. Jalisa: Did you have a twin? Elvis: Yes. Jalisa: Do you have a recording studio in your home? Elvis: Yes. Jalisa: Do you have different colored rooms in your house? Elvis: Yes. Jalisa: Did you ever own a pink Cadillac? Elvis: Yes. Jalisa: What was one of your songs? Elvis: Heart Break Hotel.

19 Jalisa: Did you have a horse on Grace land? Elvis: Yes. Jalisa: How many horses did you have? Elvis: 5 Jalisa: Did you design your own clothes? Elvis: No. Jalisa: Were you and Pricilla high school sweethearts? Elvis: No. Jalisa: Did you and Pricilla divorce? Elvis: Yes. Jalisa: Were you still friends after divorcing? Elvis: Yes Jalisa: Was a street named after you? Elvis: Yes. Jalisa: Was your house big? Elvis: Yes.

20 INTERVIEWING JK RAWLINGS This is Ron at RMJ News broadcasting JK Rawlings. Lets go back to the year 2000. Ron: What was your first book? Rawlings: Cold Rabbit Ron: How old were you when you wrote it? Rawlings: I was six. Ron: What made you think of writing books about wizards? Rawlings: When I divorced and was living on public assistance. Ron: Did you have any kids? Rawlings: Yes. I had a girl. Ron: Did your daughter write any stories? Rawlings: No. Ron: When did you write Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone? Rawlings: At the coffee table during my daughters naps. Ron: Did you win the British book award? Rawlings: Yes I did. Ron: How many places have Harry Potter books been sold? Rawlings: It was sold in Italy, Germany, France, England, Holland, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Spain, and Sweden. Ron: That is good! Lets go back to 2001.

21 INTERVIEWING MARK MCGUIRE This is Frank reporting for BBHOF News. I am interviewing Mark McGuire. Frank: How did it feel to break the homerun record? Mark: It felt great! Frank: Are you going to retire? Mark: I dont know. Frank: Are you going to say Good job to Barry Bonds? Mark: Yes I am Frank: Why? Mark: He broke my record. Frank: I would not say Good job to Barry Bonds. Mark: Why? Frank: I like you much more. Mark; Okay. Frank: Do you like the Cardinals? Mark: Yes I do. Frank That was your Baseball Hall of Fame News. See you later.

22 INTERVIEWING SEQUOYAH This is Jessica at JHITC News broadcasting Sequoyah Jessica: Hi Sequoyah. How are you? Sequoyah: Fine. Thank you. Jessica: Did you ever learn the English alphabet? Sequoyah: No. I didnt. Jessica: Who did you teach the Cherokee symbols? Sequoyah: My little girl, Ayoka. Jessica: How long did it take you to work on the new language? Sequoyah: 12 years. Jessica: Who introduced the syllabary? Sequoyah: My daughter and I. Jessica: When did they start the Cherokee Phoenix? Sequoyah: In1828 Jessica: What were you working on? Sequoyah: The Talking Leaves. Jessica: The syllabary was proven and adopted by who? Sequoyah: The Cherokees Jessica: What are you famous for? Sequoyah: I am famous for the Cherokee alphabet and language. Jessica: What was your birth date? Sequoyah: 1760

23 Jessica: Who wrote the book, Sequoyah? Sequoyah: Grant Foreman Jessica: How did you hurt yourself? Sequoyah: A hunting accident. Jessica: What did you become recognized as? Sequoyah: A leader of my people. Jessica: What was your greatest concern? Sequoyah: The Cherokees. Jessica: What did you become interested in? Sequoyah: Cherokee people who lived in Mexico. Jessica: What are you going to do in the future? Sequoyah: Teach more and more kids the Cherokee alphabet and the language.

24 INTERVIEWING MICHAEL JORDAN Hey. This Saveon reporting for BES News. I am interviewing Michael Jordan today. Saveon: How old are you Mr. Jordan? Jordan: I am 38 years old. Saveon: When is your birth date, Mr. Jordan? Jordan: February 17 th, 1963. Saveon: What college did you attend? Jordan: I went to North Carolina. Saveon: How many championships? Jordan: I won 6 championships Saveon: How many blocks did you make when you were playing against the Raptors? Jordan: I made 3 in 1998. Saveon: How much did you score against the Cavs in 1990? Jordan: I scored 69 points. Saveon: How many FT attempts did you make against the Knicks, Jordan? Jordan: I made 24 in 1998. Saveon: What is your wifes name? Jordan: My wifes name is Juanita. Saveon: How may kids do you have? Jordan: I have 3. Saveon: What year did you slam dunk? Jordan: I dunked in 1987 and 1988.

25 INTERVIEWING ABRAHAM LINCOLN CeCe: What did you do? Lincoln: I helped free the slaves. CeCe: Which president were you? Lincoln: I was the 16 th president. CeCe: What did you like to do most? Lincoln: read. CeCe: What did you grow up to be? Lincoln: A lawyer. CeCe: When were you born? Lincoln: In February.

26 INTERVIEWING THOMAS JEFFERSON This is Dylan reporting for ET News. I have traveled back in time to 1759 and I am interviewing Thomas Jefferson. Dylan: When were you born: Jefferson: 1743 Dylan: Do you live in a colony? Jefferson: Yes. Dylan: Are you studying the government? Jefferson: Yes. Dylan: Where are we? Jefferson: We are in Williamsburg. Dylan: Do you wish to vote in the House of Burgesses? Jefferson: Yes.

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