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Open House for ELW 2. Welcome to My World! Just for Fun Just for Fun.

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1 Open House for ELW 2

2 Welcome to My World! Just for Fun Just for Fun

3 Global Nomad G4 - Uni

4 Broad Learning Categories 1. 1.LISTENING AND SPEAKING – Demonstrate critical thinking in discussions 2. 2.READING – Read with understanding and apply reading strategies 3. 3.WRITING – Demonstrate critical thinking and effective communication OTHER LEARNING GOALS – Vocabulary development and grammar practice

5 General Aims Active listening and speaking in discussions Clear communication Reading strategies to understand texts Literary analysis Writing process Language learning and study strategies Cross-cultural awareness / understanding

6 Class Activities Reading fiction and nonfiction Writing process Independent reading Journal writing Socratic Seminar Oral Presentations Vocabulary development Grammar practice Class participation

7 Independent Reading

8 Writer’s Notebook

9 Essential Questions 1. The Hero Within What makes a hero? 2. Are you buying it? How does media change the way we think? 3. Fear This What makes things frightening? 4. Where We Belong. What hold us together? What breaks us apart?

10 Text Edge: Reading, Writing & Language Published by National Geographic

11 Assessment 15% Formative Assessments: independent reading, journal, vocabulary, participation, etc. 85% Summative Assessments: formal discussions, tests, presentations, essays etc.

12 SUMM vs. FORM Summative In-Class Essays In-Class Literary Analysis Graded Discussion Presentation Formative Homework Class Participation Practice Exercises Rough Drafts Vocabulary Practice

13 English for Success

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