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Continents, Oceans, Hemispheres

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1 Continents, Oceans, Hemispheres
V. Martinez

2 How many continents are there? What are their names?

3 The continents The names of the continents are
There are ____ continents. 7 The names of the continents are North America South America Europe Asia Africa Antarctica Australia

4 The Oceans How many oceans are there? 4 Name the oceans.
Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean Arctic Ocean

5 What is the biggest ocean?
1st – Pacific 2nd – Atlantic 3rd – Indian 4th - Arctic

6 Pacific Ocean

7 Atlantic Ocean

8 Indian Ocean

9 Arctic Ocean

10 Can you label North America. http://www. enchantedlearning

11 North America – Answers http://www. enchantedlearning

12 Label the continents. http://www. enchantedlearning

13 Equator, North Pole, South Pole

14 The equator is at 0 degrees lattitude The tropic of cancer is at 23 ½ degrees north latitude. The tropic of capricorn is at 23 ½ degrees south latitude. The prime meridian is at 0 degrees longitude.

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