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Content Symposium Lesson Physical Science Matter.

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1 Content Symposium Lesson Physical Science Matter

2 I. Objective, activities, assessments. A. Objectives –1. Explain the relationship between matter, atoms, and elements. –2. Distinguish between elements and compounds. –3. Interpret and write some chemical formulas. –4. Categorize materials as pure substances or mixtures.

3 B. Activities –1. Notes in OneNote –2. End of section review – do answers in Journal and email via WebCT –3. Lab that goes with the chapter - Use Vernier probe equipment. –4. Demo of different mixtures – student can make observations. –5. Build vocabulary with flash cards. –6. Web Quests and Internet activities.

4 C. Assessment –1. End of section quiz on WebCT –2. Lab will be graded. –3. End of the chapter test on WebCT. –4. Discussion participation on WebCT about Vitamins.

5 1. Tools A. Inspiration B. Info CD C. Internet D. Vernier Probes

6 2. Communication A. Students will use WebCT to find their assignments. B. WebCTB. WebCT C. Students will also submit their some of their homework via WebCT.

7 3. Student Engagement A. During the lesson presentation, I will expect my students to be taking note with their TabletPC using either Journal or Onenote.

8 4. Evaluation and Return A. At this point I am not expecting to receive and grade every assignment through WebCT, but for the assignments I decide to post on WebCT, I will grade using digital ink, and return to the student through WebCT.

9 5. Classroom Management A. Lid will be down when I am trying to explain procedures not related to the computer and anytime we are not using them. B. Problems –Games –Power –Computer Literacy (can they all type?) C. Make the punishment uncomfortable! Possibly revoke the use of the computer.

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