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Radiological Health Advisory Board Meeting May 9, 2007.

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1 Radiological Health Advisory Board Meeting May 9, 2007

2 Agenda Welcome and staff introduction – Carl Armstrong Program updates & plans –Radiological Health – Les Foldesi –NRC Agreement State – Mike Welling Opportunity for Public Comment Lunch Featured Speaker – Al Strash, Ph.D., Medical Physicist CJW at Johnston Willis Campus Tour of gamma knife for Board members and VDH staff only

3 Updates New Equipment Purchases Training X-ray Radon Emergency Response

4 Mobile lab: CDC grant of $550,000 received to replace mobile radiation lab with incident command vehicle. Expected lab delivery October 2007 TLD reader software X-ray inspection equipment (3 ion chambers) Equipment Purchases

5 EmployeeEventDestinationFromTo ParisGamma SpectroscopyOak Ridge, TN04/09/0704/13/07 Gonsoulin deKrafft Radiological Emergency Preparedness Conference Newport Beach, CA04/30/0705/04/07 Foldesi Welling 39th National Conference on Radiation Control Spokane, WA05/20/0705/24/07 Staff (7) Thermoluminescent Dosimetry (TLD) On Site DeKrafft 17th National Radon Meeting (EPA) Kansas City, MO09/17/0709/20/07 Foldesi Welling OAS meetingOklahoma City, OK09/24/0709/27/07 Non NRC Staff Training

6 X-ray Hard copies of new forms available. Will make forms available in pdf. format for downloading on web page.

7 Radon Letters to localities supporting adoption of State Building Code Annex for radon mitigation systems. Identified problem with builders installing pre-construction radon mitigation systems not according to established protocol. Require radon proficiency for homebuilders installing radon mitigation system? Is there need for regulations?

8 Emergency Preparedness BWXT Alert declaration June 8, 2007- Fire in super compactor Surry Plume Phase Exercise June 26, 2007- CST participating North Anna Ingestion Phase Exercise July 2008- Invite DOE EPA Guidance- Protective Action Recommendation Guides- draft in June for public comment. Mobile Incident Command Vehicle delivery in October 2007 CDC photo shoot for training materials



11 Emergency Preparedness Operational Issues Alarming Detectors- law enforcement, Homeland Security Municipal Waste Facilities Scrap Metal Facilities

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