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Radiological Health Advisory Board Meeting November 12, 2008.

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1 Radiological Health Advisory Board Meeting November 12, 2008

2 $400,000 Program supported by GF funds Revenue- $227,000 ($120,000 registration fees, $107,000 Inspection fee) Beginning July1, 2008 fees are used to support program with eventual reduction in GF funds, Fee increase from $15 to $50 to generate enough revenue to support existing program. Maintenance of Effort- 12,000 machines in 1985 to ~20,000 with same staffing. Intend to recruit wage position- inspector X-ray Machine Program

3 Mammography contract with FDA renewed for annual inspection of mammography facilities No longer approving Armed Forces medical physicists for Department of Defense mammography facilities. Private Inspector List more user friendly- eliminated those not conducting inspections in VA in last three years (list went from 212 to ~100 Private Inspectors). Gradual equipment replacement. X-ray Machine Program

4 Approval/receipt of new grant funds from EPA for the Radon program ($85,000) with a 50/50 match requirement, an increase from $65,000 and previously 60/40 match. Intend to recruit wage position Granite kitchen counters as source of radon Testing radon in water??? No Standard!!!! Eliminate radon program? Radon Program

5 VDEM has requested additional funds from Dominion for this activity. For SFY2009 we received $28,000 for a wage position, previous years it was $22,000. Replaced air pumps and shelters at the two nuclear power stations. Thermoluminsecent doismeter (TLD) reader failure. Switched to a badge service. Program is necessary to have staff remain proficient with laboratory equipment. Potential to expand- Uranium mining Environmental Monitoring Program

6 VDEM has requested additional funds from Dominion for this activity. For SFY2009 we will be reimbursed up to $55,000 for non personnel expenses, previous years it was $39,000. Participated in Ingestion Pathway exercise for North Anna in July 2008. Included Federal Advisory Team, DOE Advance Team and DOE flyover. No deficiencies, no ARCAs, but several planning issues. In addition NRC submitted a request for additional information regarding 3 rd reactor for North Anna. Review of state, local and VDH plans/procedures. Emergency Preparedness Program

7 Mobile Incident Command Vehicle placed in service for the Ingestion exercise. Gets exposure at other training events. Kept fiscal and Division staff busy with warranty repairs, maintenance and service contracts, insurance etc. Need to resolve slide-out and internet access. Field Lab- replaced dry rotted tires, working on AC unit. EPA is revising their Protection Action Guidance (PAG) by 12/31/06 (Still waiting) New supply of KI 130 mg tablets Emergency Preparedness Program

8 Hostile Action drills will be incorporated into the Federal Emergency Management Agencys REP program for nuclear power stations. Drill Dec 2nd VDEM has increased training requirements for access and participation at the State Emergency Operations Center. Waiting on agreement with NRC for ERDS (access to reactor operating parameters or simulated data) Emergency Preparedness Program

9 EmployeeEventDestinationFromTo Gonsoulin National Radiological Emergency Preparedness Conference Las Vegas, NV04/7/08 04/10/08 Foldesi 38th National Conference on Radiation Control Greensboro, NC05/18/0805/22/08 X-ray staff Digital Mammography CRCPD Training Greensboro, NC05/16/0805/17/08 DeKraft 18th National Radon Meeting (EPA) Las Vegas, NV 09/14/0809/17/08 Foldesi Welling OAS meetingColumbus, OH09/18/0809/20/08 GonsoulinFDA NEXT TrainingRockville, MD11/11/08 11/14/08 Staff National Radiological Emergency Preparedness ConferenceNorfolk, VA04/20/0904/23/09

10 Currently, there are 35 states participating in the NRC Agreement State (AS) Program, regulating over 80% of the Nation s material licenses

11 Les Foldesi, Director, Division of Radiological Health, Virginia Department of Health (Center) delivered an application for Agreement State status to NRC's George Pangburn, Deputy Director (Right Center) and staff of the Office of Federal and State Materials and Environmental Management Programs. NRC is reviewing the application to determine if authority for regulation of nuclear materials in Virginia can be transferred from NRC to Virginia June 30, 2008

12 #36 March 2009

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