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Statewide Homeland Security Strategy Overview. Texas State Homeland Security Program.

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1 Statewide Homeland Security Strategy Overview

2 Texas State Homeland Security Program

3 Language Class ODP=Office for Domestic Preparedness CBRNE=Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive DEM=Division of Emergency Management PTE=Potential Threat Element Disciplines –Law Enforcement, Fire Services, Emergency Medical Services, HazMat, Public Works, Public Safety Communications, Health Care, Public Health, Emergency Management, Governmental Administrative

4 2002 and 2003 Funding 2002 –$ 16.2 Million –$ 15 Million for Equipment –$ 12 Million to Local –$ 3 Million for State Equipment –$ 718,000 for Exercises 2003 –$ 29 Million –$ 20 Million for Equipment Minimum of $ 16 Million for Local –$ 5.5 Million for Exercises –$ 1.5 Million for Training –$ 2 Million for Planning

5 Timeline March 5 – April 10, 2003 –Complete Jurisdiction Assessments April 11 –Jurisdiction assessments due April 25 –COG Assessments due April 26-May 15 –Analyze data – provide funding information to COG May 16-June 15 –COGs complete regional allocations – submission to ODP –Jurisdictions notified June 16 – July 31 –Jurisdictions submit purchase lists to COG –COGs review lists for regional issues – TEEX submits to OCP August 1-31 –Purchases begin as ODP approves release

6 COG Role Assist in encouraging jurisdictions to complete assessment Categorize jurisdictions by discipline for regional response Report ongoing planning status of jurisdictions Allocate regional funding Review final equipment lists (after grant award) for regional issues

7 Direct the ODP Statewide State Homeland Security Development Process Determine Jurisdictions Develop Jurisdictional Assessment Instructions Receive/Analyze/Process Jurisdictional/COG Input/Information, Prioritize Jurisdictions Resource the Strategy Conduct Reviews/Analysis Modify Strategy State Process Organize at State Level Input State level Data Develop the Strategy Submit the Strategy to ODP

8 Direct the Assessment Process for the Jurisdiction Organize a Multi-discipline Working Group Analyze State Instructions and Jurisdiction Handbook Complete Threat and Vulnerability Assessments Analyze Threat and Vulnerability Assessments Complete Needs Assessment Complete Capabilities Assessments Submit Assessments and Information to SAA (TEEX) Jurisdiction Authority Appoints Assessment Point-of-Contact Jurisdiction Process Develop Planning Factors for CBRNE Scenarios

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