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Module 2 Female Psychosocial Development. Gender Messages.

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1 Module 2 Female Psychosocial Development

2 Gender Messages

3 Female Development: Old Assumptions, New Conclusions Studies on women: Moral development Assertiveness Dependency Aggression

4 Relationships

5 Relationships and Female Development Traditional Theories Development as a progression from dependence to independence Goal is self-sufficiency, clear differentiation, autonomy Adapted from CORE Associates, Benedict 2004 New Research (Gilligan, Miller, Jordan) Females path to maturity is different from males Motivation/goal is to build connection with others Females develop a sense of self and self-worth through connections Connection, as opposed to separation, is a primary principle of growth Many of the psychological challenges of women are related to disconnections from or violations in relationships.

6 Relational Aggression Harming relationships through… Gossip Backstabbing Spreading lies and rumors Using information to gain power Expressing anger verbally Divisive behavior Pitting friends against friends

7 Communication

8 Relational Language What communication skills are important when working with women? Why dont you… why didnt you… What does this communicate to a woman? Woman walks into your office with a black eye? A woman says she will not follow her probation orders… Adapted from CORE Associates, Benedict, 2004

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