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SECTION 3: Expansion Under Roosevelt and Taft

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1 SECTION 3: Expansion Under Roosevelt and Taft
I. Diplomacy in Asia 1899, US is major power with navy bases in the Pacific Sphere of influence – area of control for a foreign nation McKinley and Hay propose an Open Door Policy with China Germany, Russia, France, Japan don’t refuse, but don’t approve idea All Countries have “Open Door” access to China, but no one country has complete control.

2 II. PANAMA CANAL U.S. needs to be able to get Pacific Fleet to Atlantic (or have two costly fleets). Hay-Pauncefote Treaty gave US rights to build a canal through Central America The U.S. purchased the project from the French US supports Panamanian rebellion Panamanians received 10 million for land under U.S. control Finished in 1914 Malaria and Yellow fever

3 III. Hawaii Hawaii originally an economic interest (sugar)
1893 Euro-American alliance overthrows queen and rules, but U.S. won’t annex Spanish-American War necessitates fueling stations and U.S. decides to annex in 1899 1900 Hawaii annexed

I. Unrest in Cuba Cubans revolting against Spanish rule US sympathizes with Cubans Media fuels fire Yellow Journalism William Randolph Hearst Joseph Pulitzer

5 II. Beginning of the Spanish American War
Hearst wants the US to intervene in Cuba McKinley reluctant De Lome letter calls McKinley “weak” USS Maine explodes in Havana Harbor McKinley asks Spain to grant Cuba its freedom, 1898 War lasted 4 months in Philippines Cuba Remember the Maine!

6 American Foreign Policy
How will America implement new foreign policy (military? money? Persuasion?) Roosevelt’s Big Stick Taft’s Dollar Diplomacy Wilson’s Moral Diplomacy

IV. ROOSEVELT COROLLARY A statement by T.R. stating the U.S. does not want any land, it just wants to protect those in need- “an international police power.” Issued to protect the Dominican Republic Policy was effective, but made some Latin American countries uneasy

DOLLAR DIPLOMACY: increasing money to other countries instead of fighting wars US buys out European loans Many countries opposed being paid off so that they would listen to the U.S. The U.S. made enemies during this time of imperialism- especially in Latin America

9 Wilson’s Moral Diplomacy
The United States will “do the right thing” anywhere people are oppressed around the world.

10 ASSESSMENT QUESTIONS What was the goal of Dollar Diplomacy?
What was Wilson’s Moral Diplomacy? What did TR’s Big Stick policy rely on?

11 Look at the various presidential speeches and determine w
Look at the various presidential speeches and determine whether they best represent Roosevelt’s Big Stick Policy, Taft’s Dollar Diplomacy or Wilson’s Moral Diplomacy.

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