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P D S A REVIEW ACT PLAN STUDY DO Plan Continuous Improvement

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1 P D S A REVIEW ACT PLAN STUDY DO Plan Continuous Improvement
Define the System Standardize Improvement Study the Results Assess Current Situation Try Out Improvement Theory Analyze Causes P D S A REVIEW

2 Define the System Purpose:
Pgs 66-90 Purpose: Describe the characteristics of the system to be studied Prepare for gathering data Purpose is always to meet the students’ need Outcome: Complete Description of the system Project Statement/Goal Data Gathering Plan

3 Define the System Questions
What is the problem? Why are we selecting it? What is the current way this process is done? What are the key measures for these processes? What is important about this process? The purpose of this strategy is to improve __________ as measured by ____________.

4 Possible Tools Flow Chart (Picture of the current process)
Process Diagram Measures (To determine current level of performance and gauge future improvements) Data Gathering Plan Check Sheet Run chart Possible Tools

5 Assess the Current Situation
Purpose: Have current and ongoing knowledge of the system’s performance Understand the patterns and trends in baseline data Outcome: Analysis of baseline data Identification of special causes of variation Pgs

6 Assess the Current Situation
Questions How big of a problem is it? What data do I have that shows the current level of performance (baseline data) of the area I’m trying to improve? What does the data tell us? New insights from the data?

7 Assess the Current Situation
Why Collect Data? Gain a better understanding Track progress Analyze gaps Set, monitor and evaluate goals Make decisions based on fact

8 Possible Tools- Assess the Situation
Affinity Diagram Cause & Effect – Fishbone Pareto Diagram (Identify key culprits of the problem) Charts using data collected from data gathering plan: control chart, bar chart, histogram, run chart

9 Analyze Causes Purpose:
Pgs Purpose: Identify & verify possible common causes of variation in the system being studied Generate improvement theory Outcome: Improvement theory If we… Then we….. As measured by….

10 Analyze Causes Questions What are the root causes that are producing the results I’m getting- as evident in the baseline data?

11 Analyze Causes Possible Tools
Cause and Effect Diagram (Focusing on Key Culprits) Fishbone Diagram Relations Diagram Pareto Diagram

12 Improvement Theory Purpose: Test the Improvement Theory Outcome:
A test of the research-based theory New data collected after the theory has been tried

13 If we do this … (improvement theory based on root causes)
Then we… (expected results) As measured by… (data gathering plan- results will be compared to baseline data collected in “Define the System”) D O

14 Improvement Theory D O Questions How will I test the theory?
What will I do differently? What actions will be carried out? Based on the root causes, what can I do differently to produce more positive results? D O

15 Try Out the Improvement Theory Tools
Force Field Analysis (To anticipate road blocks or barriers of the proposed change) Action Plan (Road Map to carrying out plan) Run Chart, Scatter, Bar Chart (to collect data)

16 Study the Results Purpose:
Check to see if the Improvement Theory worked Outcome: A data-based decision to act on (standardize) or abandon the actions taken to improve the system. An explanation of why the results turned out the way they did (positive or negative)

17 Study the Results S T U D Y
Questions Did my improvement theory work? Was the theory effective in raising performance? How does this new data compare to the baseline data? What data do I have that shows the new level of performance? S T U D Y

18 Study the Results S T U D Y
Tools: Tools to compare the data collected (after the improvement theory was implemented) to baseline data Charts to display the results Implementation notes If results were favorable, discuss how to standardize S T U D Y

19 Standardize Improvements
If the results were favorable in “Study the Results” it is time to standardize Create a new flow chart that represents the new way the system should operate Communicate changes in the system to all stakeholders A C T

20 Plan Continuous Improvement A C T
Display the PDSA story board that shows how the system was improved Ensure all stakeholders understand the new way the system is to operate Create a data gathering plan to ensure that the system continuous to work effectively Look for another aspect of the same system to improve (look back to the Pareto Diagram to select the next “culprit” A C T

21 An Organizer and Integrator
Results Triad Leadership Triad Faculty & Staff Plan Results/Goal Leadership Student Needs Processes Measures/Data Analysis/Knowledge Management Susan Leddick

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