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Possessive Pronouns.

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1 Possessive Pronouns

2 What Are They? Possessive pronouns are personal pronouns used to how ownership or relationship. Singular Plural my. mine our, ours your, yours her, hers, his, its their, theirs

3 Where Are They? The possessive pronouns my, your, his, our, and their come before nouns. The possessive pronouns mine, ours, yours, his, hers, and theirs can stand alone in a sentence. My future could be exciting. Some people’s ideas of the future are scare. I think mine are interesting.

4 Possessive Pronouns and Contractions
Some possessive pronouns sound like contractions (its/it’s, your/you’re, their/they’re). Don’t confuse these pairs. Remember that possessive pronouns never use an apostrophe. Contractions always use an apostrophe. Contraction: It’s a dream of mine to travel in the future. Possessive: What will happen to our city? Its future is cloudy.

5 Identifying Possessive Pronouns
Underline all the possessive pronouns in the following sentences. When your great-grandparents were children, space travel was just a dream. By the time their grandchildren were born, satellites were circling Earth. Today, scientists talk of flights to Mars. Would you like to walk on its surface? The exploration of space will be just one exciting element in our future. Iris and Bob are friends of mine.

6 Using Possessive Pronouns
Underline the correct pronoun or word to complete each sentence. Be careful not to confuse contractions and possessive pronouns. How we see the future tells us something about how we see (our, your) present. (It’s, Its) a sure bet that the future will hold surprises we can’t imagine today. Jack’s family made a time capsule for (their, they’re) future grandchildren to see. If you worry too much about (your, you’re) future, you may not enjoy the present.

7 Choosing Possessive Pronouns
Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with appropriate possessive pronouns. Vary the options you use. For several days the oriole prepared a nest for ________ young. Is ________ latest album out yet? _________ newspaper was wet, so ________ pages stuck together. The maple tree lost _________ leaves. His saddle shoes were newer than _______.

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