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100 200 300 400 500 Cold WarCivil Rights Movement Laws and Legislation Vocabulary Misc. Final Question Womens Rights.

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2 100 200 300 400 500 Cold WarCivil Rights Movement Laws and Legislation Vocabulary Misc. Final Question Womens Rights

3 Gloria Steinem A 100

4 Helped to create the National Womens Political Caucus

5 Key objective of the womens group NOW was_____ A 200

6 To achieve true equality for all women A 200

7 Glass Ceiling Effect A 300

8 The unbreakable yet unseen barrier for women and minorites to Climb the corporate ladder A 300

9 Name some laws that came out of the Womens Rights Movement A 400

10 Title VII Title IX Educational Amendments Act Lilly Ledbetter Act A 400

11 What is the Lilly Ledbetter Act? A 500

12 Law stating you can file a discriminatory pay lawsuit within 180 days of receiving a discriminatory pay paycheck; this resets with every pay check A 500

13 How did WWII make an impact on the Cold War? B 100

14 -US and USSR strongest nations struggling for domination along with a history of mistrust between the two countries B 100

15 Isolation B 200

16 -An option for dealing with the Soviet Union believes the US should focus on their own problems at home instead of being the world police B 200

17 Why did the Cold War End? B 300

18 The Soviet Union was just too large and was poor. Also leaders were losing touch with the people and lost ability to put down revolts B 300

19 Why might some historians consider the Cold War a victory for the US? B 400

20 The USSR came apart and multiple nations that had been under the Communist control developed new forms of government

21 Why might some historians say there were no winners in the Cold War? B 500

22 -Today there are still concerns of nuclear weapons -today many nations that were free to choose their own government are now in a civil war -the fighting of proxy war killed thousands of US soldiers in proxy wars B 500

23 Two main goals of the Civil Rights Movement C 100

24 Outlaw racial segregation and ensure the right to vote C 100

25 Describe Plessy v. Ferguson C 200

26 -Court case that separate but equal was constitutional -Acceptance of continuing Jim Crow laws C 200

27 Emmitt Till C 300

28 Young boy who was murdered; his murder helped to unite the civil rights movement and stand to resist C 300

29 Southern Manifesto C 400

30 Agreement by those in the south that were against integration and would resist and fight the government C 400

31 What was the purpose of the 1968 Civil Rights Act? C 500

32 Ban discrimination in the work place and housing (Also a reaction to MLK assassination) C 500

33 24 th amendment D 100

34 Bans the poll tax D 100

35 Significance of Brown v. Board D 200

36 Schools must integrate but details were left in the hands of individual school boards causing confused expectations D 200

37 What was the purpose of the 1965 Voting Rights Act? D 300

38 -to help eliminate the loopholes -get rid of literacy tests -stop the violence that volunteers encountered for trying to register people D 300

39 Decision that came from Loving v. Virginia D 400

40 States could no longer ban interracial marriages D 400

41 What does the 14 th amendment state? D 500

42 States that all persons born on US soil were citizens of the US

43 Define De-Jure Segregation E 100

44 Segregation by law E 100

45 Define Glasnost E 200

46 Openness or more freedom for Soviet People E 200

47 Define Detente E 300

48 Plan that focuses on lessening tensions between US and USSR E 300

49 What is Guerrilla Warfare E 400

50 Hit and run fighting with small squads that may or may not wear uniforms E 400

51 Define Perestroika E 500

52 Plan to reconstruct economy and government E 500

53 The following is an example of? F 100

54 De-jure segregation Jim crow laws F 100

55 Who said, darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that F 200

56 Martin Luther King Jr. F 200

57 What organization helped to prove that separate was not equal and won a court case? F 300

58 NAACP F 300

59 Why was Muhammad Ali important to the Civil Rights movement? F 400

60 Vibrant about black is beautiful And protesting against draft for Vietnam War F 400

61 Schools with high poverty rates and segregated minority schools suffer from: F 500

62 Less access to qualified and experienced teachers, inadequate facilities and limited learning materials F 500

63 The Final Question Category is: LIE Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

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65 -Various answers Click on screen to continue

66 Thank You for Playing! Game Designed By C. Harr-MAIT

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