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THIS IS With Host... Your 100 200 300 400 500 Test Taking Setting Goals Time Management Organize Ask Questions Note Taking.

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4 With Host... Your

5 100 200 300 400 500 Test Taking Setting Goals Time Management Organize Ask Questions Note Taking

6 The questions on a test are based on this. A 100

7 What is the current Chapter or Unit ? A 100

8 These are items a student should use to study for a test. A 200

9 What are current homework, worksheets, handouts, notes and quizzes? A 200

10 This is the amount of time a student should study before taking a break. A 300

11 What is 30 minutes? A 300

12 These questions and answers can help a student prepare for an exam. A 400

13 What are Chapter Review Sheets and Quizzes? A 400

14 As the chapter starts to end a student should prepare for a test by creating this. A 500

15 What is a Schedule or Study Plan of Action? A 500

16 This is something that is important to you. B 100

17 What is a Priority? B 100

18 This strategy allows a student to be successful in school and have fun outside of school. B 200

19 What is Balance? B 200

20 This is a skill used to fit it all in. B 300

21 What is Time Management? B 300

22 These are steps taken to achieve the things important to you. B 400

23 What are Actions? B 400

24 This is the end results of accomplished priorities. B 500

25 What are Goals? B 500

26 This breaks your day down into smaller pieces. C 100

27 What is a Schedule? C 100

28 This tool should be used in class everyday to keep track of important due C 200

29 What is your Agenda or Planner? C 200

30 This should be kept inside your Agenda rings. C 300

31 What is a pen? C 300


33 This is a place a student can go to locate assignments and due dates? C 400

34 What are Teachers Notes? C 400

35 These are used in your agenda to let you know you have completed your assignments. C 500

36 What are highlighters? C 500

37 This item keeps your papers all organized in one place. D 100

38 What is a single subject binder? D 100

39 These should be used in a binder to keep papers in sections. D 200

40 What are labeled dividers? D 200

41 This section should be placed in the front of a binder and checked at the end of each day. D 300

42 What is a Homework Section? D 300

43 This is the common cause of dis-organization. D 400

44 What is clutter? D 400

45 These are the 3 important steps to keep a space organized. D 500

46 What are: 1.Remove the stuff you dont need. 2.Group similar items together. 3.Find a place for everything. D 500

47 This is something everyone does everyday to learn new information. E 100

48 What is ask questions? E 100

49 This is the best area for a student to sit in class. E 200

50 What is the T Zone or front and middle rows? E 200

51 This is the reason teachers ask questions in class. E 300

52 What is to make sure students understand the information given? E 300

53 By asking or answer questions this part of your grade improves. E 400

54 What is your class participation grade? E 400

55 These are the important to review when you study for a test. E 500

56 What are Review Questions in the Textbook? E 500

57 To take notes a student needs these three things. F 100

58 What are a Notebook, a Pen and a Highlighter? F 100

59 This is the first thing to be written at the top of your paper. F 200

60 What is the date? F 200

61 This should be written under the date on every paper. F 300

62 What is the Chapter Title, Number and Section? F 300

63 Note taking paper should be folded into these two sections. F 400

64 What are 1/3 left for Summary Questions and 2/3 right for Taking Notes? F 400

65 This is the reason it is important to write down questions in your notes during class. F 500

66 What is to help you study as you learn the information? F 500

67 The Final Jeopardy Category is: MINERALS Please record your wager. Click on screen to begin

68 A numbered measured list of minerals. Click on screen to continue

69 Mohs Scale of Hardness Click on screen to continue

70 Thank You for Playing Jeopardy! Game Designed By: Delanie Glock

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