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The Formation of Our Solar System

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1 The Formation of Our Solar System
Natalie Wentworth Period 3

2 The Solar Nebula Our entire solar system originated from a cloud of dust and gas called the solar nebula. Random Fact: The solar nebula was even bigger than our solar system is now. The nebular theory states the sun and planets formed at around the same time. Nebular Theory: The sun and the planets condensed out of the same spinning nebula and the entire solar system formed at approximately the same time.

3 The Sun Shockwaves from an outside force caused the solar nebula to contract, and in the center, a star began to form [our Sun].

4 The Planets Planets began to form in the outer areas…
Planetesimals are small bodies of matter in the solar nebula. Sometimes these joined together to form larger bodies called protoplanets. Protoplanets are what eventually became the current planets and moons. The overall result and composition of a protoplanet developing into a planet depended on the distance between it and the sun. The 4 closest became Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. The next 4 became Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

5 What’s the difference? First Four Planets Last Four Planets
Contain heavy amounts of iron and many other elements. Could not hold lighter gases because of closeness to the sun (temperature). Last Four Planets Formed in the colder regions of the nebula. Very common elements: Helium, hydrogen, water, methane, ammonia. These are the bigger planets because they formed away from the heat of the sun.

6 The Basic Concept... Big Bang hgsdhi  Nebula Sun Forms 
 New solar system

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