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Protists Paramecium, amoebas, Euglena, Hydra.

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1 Protists Paramecium, amoebas, Euglena, Hydra


3 Protists are classified by scientists into 3 main groups – Plant like protists, animal like protists and fungus like protists

4 - Protists Plantlike Protists Are commonly called algae.

5 Plantlike Protists The euglena is a common euglenoid that lives in fresh water. In sunlight, many euglenas can make their own food. Without sunlight, they obtain food from their environment.

6 Euglena


8 Animal-Like Protists are called protozoans.
Paramecia are ciliates that live mostly in fresh water. paramecia feed on bacteria and smaller protists.

9 Paramecium



12 Animal-Like Protists Amoebas are sarcodines that live in either water or soil. They by using their false feet – pseudopods to capture food like bacteria and smaller protists. . These are also used for transportation.

13 Amoeba


15 Eukarya Protists are in the domain eukarya which means they have a nucleus.

16 Spirogyra




20 http://images. google. co. uk/imgres. imgurl=http://micro. magnet. fsu

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