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Introduction TestMerit is one of the first & fastest growing online assessment companies in India. It is established by an IIM A-Alumnus to provide quality.

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2 Introduction TestMerit is one of the first & fastest growing online assessment companies in India. It is established by an IIM A-Alumnus to provide quality and affordable online test preparation to students. Our USP TestMerit is working through the largest B2B network in the field of online learning and test preparation. TestMerit offers the most number of categories of test preparation viz. MBA, Engineering, Medical, Professional, & Employment Tests. Our Mission TestMerit aims to reach five Lakh students through its online entrance preparation center. We look to fulfill this mission with the help of 250 business associates. About Us

3 Introduction TestMerit is opening e-learning centers enabled with Computer, internet & experienced teachers in all over India phase by phase to provide qualitative, standard and technology based total preparation and assessment solutions to students and professionals. Features of the E-Learning Center: Providing a standard coaching of CAT/MAT/IIT/AIEEE etc. courses Providing Online Assessment Providing problem solving & Guidance by Experienced Faculties through problem solving classes Standard and specific structured method of preparation

4 Type of E-Learning Center Entrance Exam Specific 1.CAT Problem Solving E- Center 2.MAT Problem Solving E- Center 3.IIT-JEE Problem Solving E- Center 4.AIEEE Problem Solving E- Center 5.AIPMT Problem Solving E- Center 6.GMAT Problem Solving E- Center 7.GRE Problem Solving E- Center 8.And So on………….

5 On Preparation Specific Type of E-Learning Center Online Assessment & Problem Solving E-Center

6 Process Involved in Preparation www.testmerit. com Attempt Feedback Feedbacks always guide students for better preparation. Regular feedback increase the efficiency level and direct the efforts in the right direction. Regular practice of tests makes the students perfect in timing and methods of attempting question in better ways. AttemptTimingFeedbackSolutions Problem Solving

7 Benefits of TestMerit Packages To Students TestMerit presents a unique and efficient technological way to asses the preparation for exams. Real feel Quality Material Quality Feedback Anywhere accessible Economical Timing Benefits of TestMerit www.testmerit. com

8 Success Points Success Timing Knowledge Practice www.testmerit. com TestMerit provides a very good technological environment for practice of tests which makes the attempt timing more efficient and our expert’s feedback and solution makes student aware about his strength & weakness which in turn increases his or her knowledge too.

9 Invitation to Partners A unique business model in best scope full opening market invites you in ONLINE EDUCATION BUSINESS by becoming: Online Assessment & Problem Solving E-Center Role: Inviting Students Registering & Enrolling Students Creating Time Table for the Students Conducting Online Assessment Running Problem Solving Class room

10 Infrastructure Online Problem Solving or Revision Class Space –500 sq feet (min. ) in City Market Franchise Owned Computer – 20 (min.) Franchise Owned Internet Connection – Broad Band Type Franchise Owned Chair with Table – 20 (min.) Franchise Owned White Board Franchise Owned Electricity Franchise Owned Water Franchise Owned Air Franchise Owned Reception Desk Franchise Owned Receptionist /Counselor – 1 Franchise Owned Peon - 1 Franchise Owned Faculty Charges Franchise Owned Requirement for Partner Note: We are approaching to the partner who already have most of the requirement with them and can start the model easily. If they already have the students also it’s a added advantage for them as well.

11 Online Assessment & Problem Solving Course Course Duration - 3 months Course Total Students - 160 Course Fee - Rs. 5100 Course Hours - 108 Hours Total Assessment Hours per student Total Course Months Weeks in a Month Per Student Days in weekClass Hours 723432 Total Problem Solving Hrs per student Total Course Months Sunday in a Month Per Student Class in week (On Sunday)Class Hours 363431

12 Class Structure Online Assessment Classroom Structure Mon/Wed/FriNo. of Students Tue/Thur/SatNo. of Students 10:00AM - 12:00 Noon20 10:00AM - 12:00 Noon20 12:30 PM - 02:30 PM20 12:30 PM - 02:30 PM20 03:30 PM - 05:30 PM20 03:30 PM - 05:30 PM20 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM20 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM20 Problem Solving Classroom Structure No. of Hours Sunday Problem Sloving Day (no computer required)Class Size 18:30 AM - 9:30 AM20 110:00AM - 11:00 AM20 111:30 AM - 12:30 PM20 101:00 PM - 02:00 PM20 103:00 PM - 04:00 PM20 104:30 PM - 05:30 PM20 106:00 PM - 07:00 PM20 107:30 PM - 08:30 PM20

13 Return on Investment within 3 months

14 Space –500 sq feet (min. ) in City MarketAlready Existing Infrastructural ExpensesBy Franchise Computer – 20 (min.)Already Existing Infrastructural ExpensesBy Franchise Internet Connection – Broad Band Type6000Regular ExpensesBy Franchise Chair with Table – 20 (min.)Already Existing Infrastructural ExpensesBy Franchise White BoardAlready Existing Infrastructural ExpensesBy Franchise Electricity15000Regular ExpensesBy Franchise Water4500Regular ExpensesBy Franchise Air30000Regular ExpensesBy Franchise Reception DeskAlready Existing Infrastructural ExpensesBy Franchise Receptionist /Counselor – 1 24000Regular ExpensesBy Franchise Peon - 1 15000Regular ExpensesBy Franchise Faculty Charges for 3 month144000Regular ExpensesBy Franchise Total ExpenditureRs. 238500 Start with your Existing Infrastructure & Secured & Nominal Investment (3 month calculation)

15 Online Assessment packages for 160 students240000 Regular ExpensesBy TestMerit Flex Board – 210000 Regular ExpensesBy TestMerit Flex – 5015000 Regular ExpensesBy TestMerit Poster – 100010000 Regular ExpensesBy TestMerit Pamphlets – 2000020000 Regular ExpensesBy TestMerit Brochure – 500015000 Regular ExpensesBy TestMerit Leaflet – 5000025000 Regular ExpensesBy TestMerit Visiting Cards – 1000500 Regular ExpensesBy TestMerit Registration Form – 5002000 Regular ExpensesBy TestMerit Advertisement Support50000 Regular ExpensesBy TestMerit Total Support worthRs. 387500 Rs. 400000-/- worth Support by TestMerit

16 Per Student Fee5100 Min Student160 Total Fee Collection816000 Total Expenditure by Center238500 Company Share 1/3 of the Fee Collected272000 Total Profit305500 Fee Structure, Expenditure & Profit (for 3 Months) Online Assessment Problem Solving Class Fee Sharing Structure: Company & Center (for 3 Months) Total Fee CollectionRs. 816000 CompanyCenter 1/3 of Fee Collection2/3 of Fee Collection Rs. 272000Rs. 544000

17 Center Investment with TestMerit: Rs.300000-/- only Installment Option: Down Payment: 50% at the time of agreement Balance Payment: 50% within next 3 months Company Share Payment: On Student Registration Investment & Payment Option:

18 Leader in Online Learning & Assessment Join Us Application Process Get your demo log in & study the platform Clarify your questions by mail or by call. Send the completely filled TestMerit application form along with DD in favor of Compark Education Pvt. Ltd. Payable at New Delhi, as per the type of association. You may also visit our office for discussion & finalization. Contact Details Contact Person – Mr. Rajesh Tiwari (Vertical Head) Address – A-12, Aditya Corporate Hub, F-502, 5 th Floor, RDC, Ghaziabad (NCR) - 201001, Mobile No. 09212448030, Ph. 0120-4113331 Website – Email Id –

19 Leader in Online Learning & Assessment Thank You Welcome to the Future of Learning!

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