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Welcome Juniors! Registration

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1 Welcome Juniors! 2013 - 14 Registration
Alan Cox Welcome and Introductions Interesting stats about our AP Program, including reading of letter from the governor about being the 24th ranked school . School dates and start times and 7th period being required. Alan will then introduce Linda as Director of Advanced Placement.

2 Graduation Requirements
English – 4 credits Math – 4 credits (including Algebra I and Geometry) Science – 3 credits Social Studies – 3 credits ( World History, US History EOC = 30%, Economics and US Government) HOPE– 1 credit Fine Art or DOE approved Practical Art *– 1 credit Electives – as needed for a total of 24 credits (8 credits) Earn a 2.0 unweighted GPA Earn Level 3 on Grade 10 FCAT 2.0 Reading *DOE Approved Practical Arts at Chiles Web I, II TV Productions I, II, III, IV Communications Technology I, II, III Culinary Arts II,III

3 Promotion to 12th grade Minimum requirements: 17 credits and 2.0 unweighted GPA Do not sign up for a class if you have already earned credit for it! If you have failed a class in high school, you need to see your counselor regarding options to keep you on track for graduation. Options may include ACE, FLVS, public or private schools, now and/or during the summer. If you have outstanding attendance issues, it is YOUR responsibility to work with the Attendance Office to clear them up or see your Guidance Counselor regarding a plan to recover those credits for graduation. If you are enrolled in a class online that requires an EOC (Algebra I, Geometry, Biology or U.S. History) it is your responsibility to see Coach Clark to make sure you are on the list to test. Virtual school should provide information regarding the ePAT.

4 Begin officially tracking juniors for graduation spring of junior year
Begin officially tracking juniors for graduation spring of junior year. Pay attention to blank/highlighted boxes, GPA and total credits. Can you graduate with six classes next year? You must have a minimum of 18 credits by the end of this year. Remember to add this semester’s credits. If not, see your counselor ASAP. Name____________________________________________ Student number_______________________ Counselor_____________ Required Courses Necessary to Graduate : English I English II English III or AP Lang Science Science Science Math Math Math Math W. History US History Econ US Govt. HOPE *Fine Arts English (from required list) Credit Total Cum. Total. 9th 10th 11th Total Cum. Total 1st Semester 2nd Semester Summer 12th FCAT - Math FCAT - Reading Algebra I or Equivalent NOTE: It is the student’s responsibility to take and pass the appropriate courses necessary to meet the graduation requirements. If any errors are noted on the credit check, it is the STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to contact the Guidance department immediately. DO NOT ASSUME ANYTHING. 2.0 un-weighted GPA required for graduation Student’s signature and date

5 12th grade progression Senior English –
Classical/Contemporary Literature AP Literature or AP Language (if not already taken) TCC Dual Enrollment (ENC1101/1141) US Government and Economics - (one semester of each) General, Honors or AP Math Science Plus any course/program student plans to continue next year (foreign language, drama, chorus, band, Web Design)

6 New 12th grade options include:
TCC Dual Enrollment - English, Western Civics and Liberal Studies Math/College Algebra. Requirements: 3.0 unwgt cumulative GPA, SAT (440 Verbal, 550 Math), ACT (17 English, 18 Reading, 21 Math) or PERT( Reading 104, Writing 99, Math 113) scores required. You must maintain a 3.0 Chiles and TCC GPA to continue in the program. DCT work study program – takes at least two periods of the day - one DCT class and at least one off campus On- The- Job- training (OJT) period – limited spaces. See Coach Sherry for an application. (Rm 8106) Coach Sherry must sign your CRF to be enrolled in DCT. Honors/gifted externship program (Professional internship program)– limited spaces. Application deadline has passed.

7 AP Credit - State University System
ENGLISH – LANGUAGE Exam Score ENC 1101 (3) ENC 1101 (3)ENC 1102 (3) Same as 4 ENGLISH - LITERATURE Exam Score FSU ENC 1101 (3) ENC 1101 (3) and ENC 1102 (3) Same as 4 or LIT 1005 (3) or ENC 1102 (3) and LIT 1005 (3) UF AML 2070(3) AML 2070 and ENL 2022(6) Same as 4

8 Advanced Placement and College
Research shows that AP students had better four-year college graduation rates than those who did not take AP. For example, graduation rates for AP English Literature students were 62% higher than graduation rates for those who took other English courses in high school. Taking AP increases eligibility for scholarships and makes candidates more attractive to colleges. Consideration is based on AP coursework, not AP scores. 85% of selective colleges and universities report that a student’s AP experience favorably impacts admissions decisions. 31% of colleges and universities consider a student’s AP experience when making decisions about which students will receive scholarships.

9 AP versus Dual Enrollment What is the difference?
-High School credit awarded with passing grade (no exam requirement). -College credit earned only after passing AP exam in May. -Usually more rigorous coursework. Known for Academic Rigor and College Preparation. -More universally accepted in out of state colleges. (check individual college). Dual Enrollment: -High School credit earned with passing grade in class. -College credit earned with grade of “C” or higher in class. -Recognized more for Acceleration opportunity for basic college core credits -Partner program with TCC for on-campus programs . -College Credits awarded at all universities in the state of Florida (Out of state colleges vary- need to check with admissions). -Requires unwgt 3.0 GPA and passing score on PERT, SAT or ACT. - Grade will remain on college transcript. -Students who have scored a passing score on an equivalent AP exam are not permitted to enroll in that corresponding course per TCC policy. (i.e. a 3 on AP Lang taken in junior year means the student cannot enroll in Dual Enrollment English senior year.) -Florida Universities will rescind admissions offer if a student’s college GPA is < 2.0 (i.e. if taking one dual enrollment course, 1 “D” = rescinded offer). -Must maintain an (unwtd.) 3.0 Chiles and TCC GPA to continue second semester of course.

10 Minimum Admissions Requirements for Florida Public Universities
18 core academic courses to include: 4 English 4 Math (Algebra I, II, Geometry and above) 3 Science 3 Social Science 2 Foreign Language (in the same language) 2 academic electives We strongly recommend surpassing the minimum requirements to be competitive for admissions. For example upper level math, upper level foreign language, additional science and social studies coursework. Sliding scale for SAT/ACT according to recomputed academic GPA

11 Average freshmen at state universities
Florida State University FAMU 3.7 – 4.3 academic GPA – 3.49 academic GPA SAT SAT ACT – 20 ACT Average # of academic credits = 22.5 University of Florida University of South Florida academic GPA – 4.27 academic GPA SAT – 1900 SAT 28-32 ACT ACT 74% admitted had academic units University of Central Florida 3.5 – 4.2 academic GPA SAT ACT Statewide weighting policy for Florida Public Universities is 1.0 weighting for Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses and .5 weighting for Honors courses earning a grade of C or better.

12 Competitive Colleges Grades in academic courses
Strength of curriculum (Have you taken the highest academics we offer?) ACT/SAT and often SAT II Class Rank Extracurricular activities/college resume Leadership positions held Community service/volunteer experiences Letters of recommendation

13 Community College Admission based on Regular high school diploma
Florida community colleges recommend that students take the same core high school courses that are required for state university admission. Students who take college prep courses in high school are more likely to be successful. Of students who have taken Algebra I, II and Geometry, 95% will pass algebra portion of the CPT and go directly into college credit work. Everyone must take a placement test. PERT used unless exempted by SAT or ACT scores SAT: 440 verbal and 550 math ACT: 17 English, 18 reading, 21 math

14 Bright Futures Scholarships
Academic Scholars Award - Pro-rated per hour tuition coverage at a Florida post secondary institution. Requirements: 3.5 weighted* GPA (16 required academic credits), 1290 SAT or 29 ACT and 100 hours of community service. Forms and Guidelines available on Chiles website, link Guidance. Florida Medallion Scholars Award - Pro-rated per hour tuition coverage at a Florida post secondary institution. Requirements: 3.0 weighted* GPA (16 required academic credits), 1170 SAT or 26 ACT and 75 hours of community service. Forms and Guidelines available on Chiles website, link Guidance. 16 required academic credits include: 4 English 4 Math (Algebra I, II, Geometry and above) 3 Science 3 Social Science 2 Foreign Language (in the same language) The SAT and ACT writing subtests will not be used for determining Bright Futures eligibility.   Statewide Scholarship Weighting awards .25 per semester for honors, AP and DE courses with a “C” or higher. Advanced foreign language is not honors for BF. Earn hours as early as summer after 8th grade.

15 Bright Futures Scholarships (con’t)
Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award - Pro-rated per hour tuition coverage at a Florida post secondary institution for a vocational/certificate program. Requirements: 3.0 weighted GPA (16 required credits for graduation), 3.5 GPA in a 3 credit vocational program, and 30 hours of community service. Forms and Guidelines available on Chiles website, link Guidance and a passing score on a college placement test (SAT 440 verbal & math, ACT 18 Reading, 17 English, 19 Math or PERT Reading 104, Writing 99, Math 113 TV Productions I Computing for College and Careers TV Productions II Web Design I TV Productions III Web Design II Culinary Arts I DCT I Culinary Arts II DCT II Culinary Arts III DCT III Communication Technology I Criminal Justice I Communication Technology II Criminal Justice II Communication Technology III Criminal Justice III *** Satisfactory completion of a three credit sequential vocational program may award TCC credit toward an A.S. degree. See Leon County Schools Career Pathways Bulletin.

16 NCAA Requirements If you are planning to compete athletically at the college level there are certain academic eligibility and core-course requirements that must be met. Must complete the Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse application (complete online application after 11th grade). Must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in 16 core courses and SAT/ACT scores. Core courses 4 credits in English 3 credits in math (min. Algebra I, II & Geometry) 2 credits in social science 2 credits in science 1 additional credit in English, math or science 4 additional academic credits Required SAT/ACT score: Sliding scale based on core GPA (see website chart) PLEASE visit the NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE WEBSITE FOR FURTHER INFORMATION!

17 Action plan for juniors
Meet with counselor - Review transcript, official grad check, senior schedule, Bright Futures and other scholarship opportunities, SAT/ACT/SATII/ CPT Stay involved in activities at school and in the community. Work to complete and document community service hours. Log on to MyCollegeQuickStart at It offers a free SAT study plan, as well as college, major and career matches. Become familiar with admissions requirements at colleges that are on the top of your list. Visit as many of the schools on your list as possible. Register for and take the SAT and ACT. SAT II if required for admissions. Begin to search for scholarship opportunities for next year. Visit the resource center in the guidance department and/or our guidance website. Surf the web. Begin preparing essays for admissions and scholarship opportunities. Attend College/Career Night at the fairgrounds next fall if available. .

18 Registration Forms All students must submit a completed registration form. All students must indicate a minimum of six periods. You must have your CURRENT teacher sign for each required course requested AND any electives that have signature line. Alternate course choices are very important! Give full and half credit alternate choices. If you do not provide alternate choices, we may pick classes for you. Completed forms will be collected in English classes on Thursday, March 14th . If you are taking English online, please submit your completed form to Mrs. Fisher by March 14th . Course registration verifications will be mailed home in May. This will be a time to review your schedule request for accuracy and a final time to make elective course changes.

19 Registration and Dates to Remember
Students are not required to enroll in seven courses any year in high school. X = credits years credits Plan to attend the annual Curriculum Fair Tuesday, March 12th at 6:00 pm in the gym. This event is designed to allow you to meet teachers and students and to get all of your questions answered. We want to help you make good decisions about next year’s schedule.

20 Timelines for 2014 Grads College application dates are early – Plan for October. Letters of Recommendations – process takes a week or more – provide a request along with resume to teachers or counselors to begin the process next year. Bright Futures – Apply December Can qualify after first semester (GPA after 1st semester, service hours due by holiday break and test scores through Jan ) or after 2nd semester GPA and service hours by graduation and test scores through June 2014.

21 SAT/ACT **When registering, always use your SS#, our school code and send your scores at least one post secondary institution. This allows records to “match” therefore eliminating problems with transcripts for admissions and Bright Futures Scholarships. Online registration - both websites offer FREE practice materials. SAT - Test Date Registration Deadline May 4 April 5 June 1 May 7 ACT – April 13 March 8 June 8 May 3 College Placement Test at TCC – testing center

22 Resources on the web – Bright Futures Website – SAT, AP,IB,CLEP - ACT – Princeton Review for colleges, essay, test prep College Search (by size, location, major, etc) College Search (by size, location, major, etc) – Common admissions application used at many private colleges Financial Aid and Scholarship Searches (many others available) – BF & FL Financial Aid (apply Dec. 1 of Sr. Yr.) Check individual college websites (ie: TCC has a web page for scholarships)

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