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Tigers Filipino By:Darren Isidro.

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1 Tigers Filipino By:Darren Isidro

2 Foods The tigers preys are man,tigers,wild dogs,leopards,jungle cats,hyenas,caracals,jackals, Elephants,bears,porcupines, buffalos ,wild boars,hare,monkey,rhinos and other kinds of animals.

3 cubs On the other hand, tigresses that
have long term trusting relationships with keepers are known to allow human handling of their cubs, even within a few minutes of birth. For many tigresses this seems to cause no problem and it allows keepers to intervene quickly if a cub is in distress.

4 Hunting The hunt starts when the Tiger suddenly explodes in its movement attacking the prey. The hunt is always very short

5 breeding breeding is more frequent from November to April. On average, tigers give birth to 2-3 cubs every years, and sometimes every 3-4 years. If all the cubs die, a second litter may be produced within 5 months. Gestation is usually days and births occur in a cave, a rocky crevice, or in dense vegetation.

6 Population : 3,176-4,556 Territory: Bengal (India)were do they live:rain forests , jungles, zoos Sites :Tigers, Tigers Types of tigers:Siberian tigers, Bengal /Indian tigers ,south China tigers,Sumatran tigers,Indochinese tigers the end...


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