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Life of the Tigers.

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1 Life of the Tigers

2 Contents Habitat Food Predators Subspecies Facts Pictures

3 Habitat A tiger's habitat is dependant on two basic factors. First, it should provide good cover for stalking and second, it should have a good abundance of prey. They live in wet, humid and hot jungles as well as icy cold forests, tigers can live in almost any climate. All they need to survive is shade, water and food. Tigers can be found in the hot rain forest of Malaysia, the dark thorny woods of India and the cold, snowy forest of North East China and Russia. They also live in oak woods, tall grassland, swamps. Tigers prefer to be in shadows and seldom go into open country as Lions do.

4 Food Tigers eat a whole lot of different animals, such as: Deer, wild pig, birds, monkeys, leopards, bears and wild cattle. The way tigers catch their prey is by stalking the animal and at the right time they pounce onto it biting its neck or throat. When the animal is dead the tiger will take it back to its home and eat it. Tigers can eat up to 18 kilograms of meat at one time.

5 Predators The main Predator to the tiger is us. The tigers are getting swiped out because of what we are doing. If we are hunting them for food, fur, rugs or if we are chop down its habitat so we can make our home with their trees. We are killing them without knowing it. If we by products that have palm oil in them, that palm oil would have killed a few tigers. So we have to be careful of what we eat, use or what we use to build our home out of.

6 Subspecies There was 8 subspecies of tigers in the world but 3 types have been extinct. These 3 are: Caspian Tiger (extinct from the 1970s), Javan Tiger (extinct from the 1980s) and the Bali Tiger (extinct from the 1940s). Although we have 5 subspecies in the world left, soon they will be all gone, here are the 5 subspecies: Bengal tiger, Sumatran tiger, Siberian/Amur Tiger, South China/Amoy Tiger and the Indo Chinese Tiger.

7 Facts Of tiger subspecies, the Siberian Tiger is the biggest cat that can weigh well up to eight hundred pounds. 2. Tigers are very beautiful and their striped coat makes for ideal camouflage. 3. A tiger's stripes are like fingerprints - no two are alike. In fact the stripes' pattern is often used to identify individual tigers in the wild. 4. An adult male tiger in the wild requires around one hundred and fifty kilograms of meat a month. 5. If we don’t help to save the tigers now, they will all be extinct by the 2020. 6. Tigers are great swimmers

8 Photos The Sumatran Tiger The White Tiger The Bengal Tiger

9 Photos The Siberian Tiger The Indochinese tiger The South China Tiger

10 Photos The Javan Tiger (extinct since 1980)
The Caspian Tiger (extinct since 1970) The Bali Tiger (extinct since 1940)

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