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Cells, Microscopes, and Domains of Life

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1 Cells, Microscopes, and Domains of Life

2 Introduction Modern cell theory Different types of cells
prokaryotic, eukaryotic Three cell components cell membrane, genetic material, cytoplasm Five kingdoms Three domains

3 The hierarchy of biological order

4 Classifying life

5 The traditional 5-kingdom system

6 The three domains of life

7 The 5-kingdom system compared with alternative schemes of classification

8 Fig. 18-6 The Eukaryotic Tree of Life

9 The Compound Light Microscope

10 Microscopic Measurement (p.72)
Field of View Diameter Table 1. Diameter of field of view with three different objective lenses

11 Comparing Cells Domain Eukarya, Kingdom Protista
Domain Eukarya, Kingdom Plantae Domain Eukarya, Kingdom Fungi Domain Eukarya, Kingdom Animalia Domain Bacteria

12 A Prokaryotic Cell

13 Diversity of Bacterial Forms
Coccus Bacillus Spirillus

14 Euglena Protista:

15 Fig. 20-3. Rhizopus (bread mold) life cycle
Fungi: Fig Rhizopus (bread mold) life cycle

16 Fig. 6-4 A Generalized Animal Cell
Animalia: Fig. 6-4 A Generalized Animal Cell

17 Fig. 6-5. A Generalized Plant Cell
Plantae: Fig A Generalized Plant Cell

18 Putting Away the Microscope
Remove the slide and return it to its proper place Turn down the rheostat to “3” or lower Turn off the illuminator switch. Revolve the nosepiece so the 4X objective is in place. Cover the microscope with its cover.

19 Any Questions?

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