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Election 1928 The Democratic Party Begins to Shift.

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1 Election 1928 The Democratic Party Begins to Shift

2 Roosevelt to the Rescue Election in 1932

3 Democratic Party and FDR 1932 Platform Repeal Prohibition Assist Farmers Balanced Budget Confidence and Optimism Roosevelt Promises a “New Deal” for Americans

4 Group Activity For the Great Depression problem (8) assigned to your group, what remedies were undertaken during the New Deal? How would you evaluate these remedies? Thinking Skill: Explicitly assess information and draw conclusions

5 1. Leadership Fireside Chats Relief, Recover, Reform Confidence “Brain Trust” Charisma Pump Priming Keynesian Economics

6 What is meant by the expression “priming the pump”? What is Keynesian economics?

7 Eleanor and FDR

8 2. Banking and Money Remedies Bank Holiday -- Recovery Glass-Steagall Act created FDIC -- Reform (Relief and Recovery) Emergency Banking Relief Act – Relief/Recovery - Fireside chat to regain confidence

9 Run on the Banks

10 3. Unemployment Remedies CCC -- Relief (Recovery) PWA -- Relief (Recovery) CWA -- Relief (Recovery) FER--Relief NY--Relief

11 3. Unemployment *2nd New Deal (1935) (2 nd Hundred Days) Remedies Emergency Relief Appropriations Act Created  WPA -- Relief (Recovery) (1935)  Roads, subways, airports, zoos  Schools  Artists  Writers  Composers  Actors

12 The New Deal WPA Worker’s First Paycheck

13 Harry Hopkins and WPA Actors

14 A Pensive Hopkins

15 4. Farming AAA (1933)-paid farmers subsidies -exclusive tax on companies which processed farm products -unconstitutional violates 10 th Amendment Second AAA (1938) -- Relief (Recovery) -general tax=constitutional Rural Electrification Administration -- Relief (Recovery) Farm Security Administration (FSA)-Relief  Farm Tenancy Act


17 Rural Electrification Admin. Project Dedication

18 5. Industry and Labor Remedies NIRA-National Industrial Recovery Act- - Set industry codes / unconstitutional Wagner Act --> NLRA  National Labor Relations Board-authority to conduct voting in workplaces to determine whether employees wanted union representation **Growth of Unions

19 CIO AFL vs. CIO AFL-skilled workers John Lewis -1935-Committee for Industrial Organization Represented an end to divisions based on social rank –GM sit-down strike –US Steel

20 NRA: “We Do Our Part”

21 6. Assistance for the Elderly, Disabled and Unemployed Remedy Social Security Act – Reform (1935) -Old age pensions -survivor benefits -unemployment insurance -aid for dependent and disabled

22 Social Security Check

23 Frances Perkins (left) with Social Security Board Member Mary W. (Molly) Dewson. 1/20/38. FDR Library Photo.

24 7. Environment Remedies CCC -- Relief (Recovery) TVA -- Reform (Relief and Recovery) TVA: Norris Dam, Norris, TN

25 CCC Hauling Rock

26 8. Securities Solution: Federal Securities Act -forced companies to share info with public to prevent over-speculation –Est. SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) -Watchdog over stock market -Reform Stock Market

27 Answer the questions in your groups from before Pretend you are a critic…What do you think of the New Deal? Pretend you are a critic…What do you think of the New Deal? –Which New Deal remedies were most successful? Which were not? –Which were the longest lasting? –Do you agree or disagree with FDR’s approach? –Were FDR’s policies Liberal or Conservative?

28 The Spectrum with Politics in Mind Radical Liberal Moderate Conservative Reactionary “LEFT”“RIGHT”

29 How did critics and demagogues like Father Coughlin impact the New Deal?

30 Major New Deal Critics Father Coughlin Father Coughlin Huey Long “Kingfish” Huey Long “Kingfish” Francis Townsend Francis Townsend American Liberty League American Liberty League –What were their criticisms? –What were their plans?

31 Election of 1936 Ignored Rep. nominee, Governor Alf Landon of Kansas (2 states) Union Party (Coughlin & Townsend) (>2%) Republicans attacked FDR being overly bureaucratic/planned economy Momentous shift  African Americans in North switched from Rep. party of Lincoln to Democratic Party

32 Conservative Supreme Court What issues did it have with the New Deal? Why? What issues did it have with the New Deal? Why? –Gave president too much power over other branches –May 1935- Schechter Poultry Corporation v. United States-destroyed key parts of NIRA –1936- United States v. Butler –exclusive tax used to raise money for farmer subsidies in AAA=unconstitutional How did FDR try to combat the Court? How did FDR try to combat the Court? –Court Packing (1937) What was the final outcome? What was the final outcome? –Lost

33 What are these artists commenting on? Why was it significant?

34 Life During the New Deal Answer questions on handout Answer questions on handout

35 Why does unemployment increase in 1938? What is the significance of this increase?

36 Answer the questions on the “Impact of the ND” handout

37 In the End, was the New Deal Liberal or Conservative?

38 Reflect on the following question: What is the proper role of government?

39 Some Important Terms for Test RFC RFC SEC SEC NRA NRA AAA AAA WPA WPA TVA TVA CCC CCC This Land is my Land This Land is my Land SSA (Social Security) SSA (Social Security) CWA CWA PWA PWA FDIC FDIC Federal Emergency Relief Act Federal Emergency Relief Act Federal Securities Act Federal Securities Act Wagner Act Wagner Act New Deal for Christmas New Deal for Christmas

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