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The New Deal Chapter 16, section 1

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1 The New Deal Chapter 16, section 1

2 1932 Election - Turning Point
The choice of FDR over Hoover was an American choice for the federal government to provide relief for its citizens. THIS IDEA ABOUT OUR GOVERNMENT HAS NOT CHANGED SINCE THIS ELECTION.

3 “Brain Trust” – Group of Columbia Professors who advised FDR on policy.

4 The 1st Hundred Days 1933 Pushed massive legislation through congress
Aka… “THE NEW DEAL” Pushed massive legislation through congress 1933 Purpose of the New Deal – Provide relief Create jobs Stimulate economy

5 March 5th, Bank Holiday FDR orders all banks to close four 4 days to inspect their own financial health. Congress passes the Emergency Banking Act which authorizes Federal Gov’t to inspect all bank records to ensure banks are making good investments. 67% of banks reopen by March 15th. Gov’t proclaims them safe & secure for Americans (even if not all of them were!!!!!) People begin bringing their money back to banks. Banks can begin loaning out money again.

6 New Deal Major Players Women and Minorities – FDR was the 1st president to appoint women and African Americans to major government posts Mary McLeod Bethune – Advisor to FDR on African Americans & education Francis Perkins – Secretary of Labor

7 Political Changed people’s view of the role of government.

8 Eleanor Roosevelt – Traveled the country doing PR for the President’s programs.
(2nd Bonus Army)

9 New Deal Criticisms – Programs had no immediate effect on the nation’s economy; Progressives: didn’t do enough for the little man Conservatives: Made the govt. too powerful.

10 FDIC – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Created by the Glass-Stegall Act of Federal Government guarantees bank deposits. Gave Americans increased confidence in the U. S. banking system.

11 Securities Exchange Commission Regulates the Stock Market

12 2nd New Deal 1935-38 Goals More social welfare
Stricter controls over business Stronger support for unions Higher taxes for the rich FDR was forced to cut back on 2nd New Deal Programs because of a rising national debt because of deficit spending.

13 WPA – Playgrounds schools airfields artists writers

14 Rural Electrification –
FDR sought to bring basic amenities to places that private industry would not. Eventually 98% of American farms got electricity thanks to FDR.

15 Labor Unions become more powerful
Wagner Act – Legalized collective bargaining Closed Shop – made it legal for a place of business to hire only union workers

16 Social Security – Old age pension Unemployment insurance
Aid for dependants and disabilities

17 Election of 1936 – Landslide victory for FDR. He carried every state except Maine. Showed Americans still thought FDR had the answers even though their lives had not improved much.

18 Federal Emergency Relief Agency Work Projects and unemployment aid

19 Civilian Conservation Corps
Work relief Soil conservation and other environmental projects


21 Agricultural Adjustment Administration

22 TVA


24 New Deal is Unconstitutional!
NIRA (National Industrial Recovery Act) – reorganizes industry by setting prices, production levels, wages, & workers’ rights AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) – reorganizes agriculture by telling farmers how to farm, what to farm, how much to farm, and what will be paid for crops Supreme court strikes down both the NIRA and the AAA as unconstitutional.

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