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State Government.

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1 State Government

2 Executive Branch The executive branch puts the laws and programs passed by the legislative branch into action. In the national government, the head of the executive branch is the president. In state government, the head of the executive branch is the governor. The people of Missouri vote to elect our governor every four years.

3 Governor The governor appoints the heads of many state departments. For example, the Department of Education is in charge of our schools. One important job of the governor is to create the state budget. The budget is the plan for how to spend the state’s money each year.

4 Legislative Branch Missouri’s legislative branch is also called the General Assembly. It is like the U.S. Congress in that it has two parts, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The General Assembly creates bills, a proposed law. After the bill is approved by both parts of the General Assembly, it must be signed by the governor to become a law.

5 General Assembly In addition to creating and voting on bills, the General Assembly raises and decides how to spend the state funds. Most of the money Missouri needs comes from taxes. Taxes are proposed and passed by the General Assembly.

6 Judicial Branch The judicial branch is made up of courts and judges. The state uses courts to explain the laws. Missouri has several types of courts. Circuit courts hear criminal and civil cases. Each county in Missouri has a circuit court.

7 Missouri Supreme Court
The Supreme Court is the highest level of Missouri’s judicial branch. It has the final say on Missouri’s laws and constitution. People who bring their case to the state supreme court must obey their decision.

8 executive branch The executive branch enforces the laws. Back to text

9 legislative branch The legislative branch writes the laws.
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10 judicial branch The judicial branch interprets, or explains, the laws.
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