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Tony Humenik Andre Sagastume Danielle Smith

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1 Tony Humenik Andre Sagastume Danielle Smith
Ancient Rome Tony Humenik Andre Sagastume Danielle Smith

2 Ancient Rome Time line 753 Foundation 616-579 Tarquinius Priscus
Servius Tullius tarquinius super bus. C.600 iron age huts on palutine hills forum area drained earliest Latin inscriptions.

3 Food What kind of food Romans ate depended a lot on how much money. They had also on where you were. In the big Roman empire.

4 Ruler/leaders In year 312 AD something very important happened, the Roman religion would be changed forever. The emperor Constantine the Great. In the power struggle that began following the Collapse of the Tetrarchy around 309/Constantine consolidated his position in Britain/Gaul the Germanic provinces and Spain.

5 Travel / Transportation
Ancient Romans travelled by land and sea. From the earliest times, Romans displayed remarkable skill at building and engineering.

6 Money The bronze centenionalis coins were the attempts of constans and constantine to reintroduce a large bronze coins between AD as follis.

7 Clothing Roman men generally wore two garments; the tunic and the toga. Roman women also wore tunics, in as much as the same fashion as the men.

8 Housing / Buildings In the cities throughout the Roman Empire, wealthy homeowners lived in one story building with few exterior windows.

9 Government From 509 BC to nearly 1500 AD/for two thousand years/Roman government had more or less the same system.

10 Extra The Romans were good at building and engineering but not so good at inventing machines. They were the first people to make bathes.

11 The End Good-bye and that was our show.

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