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Ancient Egypt Maya Shah, Kyle McCaslin, Madison Beatty.

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1 Ancient Egypt Maya Shah, Kyle McCaslin, Madison Beatty

2 Time Line 3000 BC – 500 BC 3050 BC – Foundation of Egyptian state with Memphis as its capital. 2650 BC - work begins on great pyramid Giza. 1975 BC-Egyptian reunified under Mentuhotep I. 1260 BC-temple of Abu Simbel built in reign of Ramses II. 671 BC – Egypt invaded by Assyrians.

3 Food Egypt was very dry. People could only grow certain kinds of food like wheat and barley.

4 Pharaohs King Tutankhamun (King Tut)was only eight years old when he became pharaoh. He died when he was 18 years old. His tomb was discovered and opened in 1922. Cleopatra, the ambitious queen who ruled Egypt, is known for her tragic death.

5 Travel and transportation Egyptians used saddles to get around. They walked around with sticks to keep robbers away

6 Money Egyptians did not have money What they did was trade vegetables and jewelry.

7 Clothing Egyptian people wore something called tunics. Tunic were sewn to reach their knees or ankles. They were made of linen and were nearly always white. Both men and women wore all types of jewelry. Cosmetics were worn by men and women. Egyptians believed that this was an important part of personal hygiene and heath. Kohl, black eye makeup, is the most characteristic of all cosmetics used at that time. Scented oils, lotions, or fats were always popular.

8 Housing / Buildings The houses in Ancient Egypt were made of mud and bricks. The homes of wealthy people were made of double thick wall that increased their security of their house.

9 Government The pharaohs owned all of Egypt. The people of Egypt had to do whatever the pharaohs said. It was called the monarchy. The rich people had to do whatever they said. But usually they had to do what the rich people said.

10 Games Egyptian games were like games today. The pieces were like checkers, mancala and senet. They played games with knuckle bones, like jacks and dice too.

11 Thank you for joining us today on our journey through Ancient Egypt.

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