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The Tell Tale Heart. +Poe+Mini+Biography&Form=VQFRVP#view=detai l&mid=2CF148CABBE0A51513DB2CF148CABBE0.

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1 The Tell Tale Heart

2 +Poe+Mini+Biography&Form=VQFRVP#view=detai l&mid=2CF148CABBE0A51513DB2CF148CABBE0 A51513DB

3 Viewing Task List at least 5 significant points about Edgar Allan Poe life and his influence on literature

4 During Reading Task – on the surface Record reading notes about how you feel during various points of the reading How do you feel about: - The plot? - The characters? - The conflicts? - The writer’s style?

5 Audience and Point of View USFk

6 Audience and Point of View Point of View – is the voice or vantage point that the author uses to tell the story Types  First Person Participant – told by an “I narrator who is directly involved in the action (i.e. Kenny from “Doing Something”)  First Person Observer – told by an “I” narrator who see the action first hand (i.e. Katie from “Visitors”0  Third Person – the story is told by a narrator (i.e. the myths) Audience – the type of reader or “target” of a story  To determine the audience consider: the genre (type of fiction); the diction (the vocabulary); the content (the situations and characters); the themes (the messages)

7 The Tell- Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe – page 104 1. Identify the “point of view” or narrative perspective of the story. Why is this perspective particularly effective for this type of story? 2. Identify words or sentences that indicate the conflict for the main character 3. Record three sentences when the narrator addresses the audience directly? What is the overall effect of this technique? 4. This story was written for an audience in the 1800s; re-write the opening paragraph of the story in contemporary language. Try to be true the characterization and the tone of the passage. 5. How does the story conclude? Did the ending surprise you? Explain Post Reading Task

8 Video Extension How well does this video capture the spirit of Poe’s story? Explain using evidence from the movie – consider the images, the sound, the use of dialogue, the use of camera

9 Video Extension Short Movie  qADsMMU qADsMMU Animated  HTdVSgU HTdVSgU

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