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Nonfiction Texts.

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1 Nonfiction Texts

2 Glossary *ABC order *Defines vocabulary in the text
*Set up like a dictionary *In the back of the book

3 Index List important words/topics found in the story ABC order
Lists the page numbers to find the words/topics in the text In the back of the text

4 Table of Contents List chapters or topics
List page numbers to find certain chapters or topics At the front of the book Lists the topics/chapters in the order you would find them in the book

5 Just The Facts Real information about our world. Animals People
Countries Planets Plants Landforms States Rocks And more…

6 Maps Countries States Continents Oceans Symbols Map Key Labels

7 Diagrams Drawings of animals, plants, machines
Abdomen Drawings of animals, plants, machines Labels for the parts on the drawings Thorax Head

8 Captions Word, phrases, or sentences that describe a drawing, photo, diagram, or graph The words are usually beside, above, or under the picture, drawing, or photo A sea turtle lays eggs on a beach.

9 Assignment Select a nonfiction book to read.
List all the features of a nonfiction text you notice, as you read. Write the features on sticky notes.


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