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What do you know?.  A) Harry Potter series  B) Newspaper  C) The Box Car children series.

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1 What do you know?

2  A) Harry Potter series  B) Newspaper  C) The Box Car children series

3  A) Something that stands out and helps you understand the text  B) The first page of a non-fiction book  C) The color of a non-fiction book

4  A) West Middle School  B) West Middle School  C) West Middle School

5  A) At the beginning of a book  B) At the end of a book  C) At the bottom of each page

6  A) An index  B) A word in the book  C) A person that helps write the book

7 Step 1Step 3Step 2  A) A table  B) A diagram  C) A graph

8  Make the pages look different than fiction books  Help you understand the text  Give you visuals of the information in the text  Show you ways to compare information in the text  Create new understandings  Provide additional information

9 TITLE OR HEADINGSUBTITLE OR SUBHEADING  Shows the main idea in short form  Shows a major idea within a title or subheading. You always have more than one

10 TABLE OF CONTENTGLOSSARY  Shows the page and section where you can find the important points of the book. It shows titles and subtitles.  Page iii, iv  On the back of the book, it shows the definition of key words in the text.  Page 713

11 INDEXINFORMATION BOX  On the back of the book, it shows where you can find certain words or topics in the book.  Example on page 727  Small box found within the body of the text, it tells important information related to the text.  Did you know…  Interesting facts  Example pg 429, 366

12 BOLD/ITALICS/HIGHLIGHTED MAPS  Vocabulary words that stand out and are important to the text.  Bold  Highlighted  Italics  Underlined  Show the important location and places mentioned in the text.

13 LABELSTABLES/CHARTS  Tells you the name of the part shown in a picture, diagram, or photograph.  Show information related to the text in an organized way.  Example on page 132, 307, 646 Ocean

14 DIAGRAMS/GRAPHSCLOSE UP  Show information in the text in a different layout so you can compare or trace. Page 367, 347  Show a small part in a larger view.  Example pages 106 and 143

15 PICTUREPHOTOGRAPHS  Visuals of the information in the text. Illustrations that are not photos.  Visuals of the information in the text, photos taken that show real images.

16 CAPTIONPARENTHESIS  Gives information about a picture or photograph.  After a word, give more information about the word. For example, how to pronounce, sound out, separate into syllables, definition, etc.)  Onomatopoeias (words that sound like their meaning) are playfully used in the poem. School bus rules are very important to follow.

17  In your Science book, Chapter 9  Use your “Scavenger Hunt” sheet to find nonfiction text features. There could be 16 different features.  When finished, pick the feature that helped you understand the text the most and convince a peer that you picked the best feature.

18 Jobs  Time Keepers: Make sure your group is using time wisely. Create pictures to help the reader visualize text.  Readers: Read aloud text, discuss main points.  Recorders: Write the Table of Contents.  Discussion Managers: Make sure your group is on task and focused. Also help illustrate the content.

19  Each square is a page  Write a short phrase for each paragraph  Unit title  Titles  Multiple subtitles  Create a border that reflects the topic Main topics:  Native Americans  Hispanic Americans  Asian Americans  African Americans

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