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Text Features & Parts of a Book

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1 Text Features & Parts of a Book
Reading Notes

2 Parts of a Book In the Front of the Book:
Title page – page that states the title, author, illustrator, and publisher. Copyright page – states the publisher and year of publication Table of Contents – list of the chapters and page numbers of each Within the Book: Footnotes – a number or symbol given by a word in the book, then at the bottom of the page, that symbol or number repeated with an explanation

3 Parts of a Book At the End of the Book:
Index – list of all topics in the book with page numbers for each Appendix – extra documents or information given at the end of the book Glossary – list of vocabulary words and definitions that are found in the book Bibliography – list of sources that the author used when writing the book

4 Text Features Illustrations – help the reader understand what something looks like Pictures Drawings Diagrams Magnified images Captions – an explanation of what an illustration is showing, located under or beside the illustration

5 Text Features Graphic Aids – help the reader grasp information that may be used to compare/contrast, detail, or understand a concept. Bar graphs/Circle graphs/Line graphs Charts/Lists Maps Flow Charts Venn Diagrams

6 Text Features Organizational Aids – used to organize information in the text to aid in the understanding of the material. Headings (biggest print other than the title) Subheadings (biggest print other than title & headings – divides the text into smaller sections) Bold print words Words in italics (used for emphasis) Colored words Bulleted lists (like this one)

7 MCT2 Questions on Text Features & Parts of a Book
Is this an appropriate title/heading for this section? Which of the following text features would be most helpful or give the most information about____? Where should one look to find ______?

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