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Ch 9 Business Detail Careers

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1 Ch 9 Business Detail Careers
Career Cluster Ch 9 Business Detail Careers

2 Quote! “Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or doing it better.” John Updike

3 Vocabulary appropriately dressed attitude benefits body language
conservative dialect

4 Vocabulary (cont.) enthusiastically first impression front line
job interview nonverbal behavior Note Taker

5 Vocabulary (cont.) Passive Questioner receptionist tact Talker union

6 Business Detail Careers
Administrative office detail Bookkeeping Customer service Office management Records processing

7 INTERVIEW WISE! Go to any interview alone!
Employers are not impressed when you take your own cheering block. Doing so might make you seem afraid, insecure, or immature.

8 Customer Service Representatives
Excellence expected as this is a launching career. Multi-lingual ability is optimum! Temporary and Part-time with flexible hours. TO CUT BUSINESS COSTS!

9 Discrimination If you exercise a religious holiday (e.g. Sabbath on a Saturday) and you make this known upon hiring, your boss cannot fire you for not working on Saturdays unless it causes undue hardship for the employer. DEFINE UNDUE!

10 Data Entry workers Need HS diploma but must meet keyboarding minimum speed. Must possess spelling, punctuation, grammar and office equipment skills. Medical records and court reporters earn more but require more training.

11 Bookkeepers Computer software makes them more efficient and is resulting in slowed job outlook. Specialty areas good: accounting or auditing.

12 Accounting Clerks Post details of transactions but also monitor loans and accounts to make sure that payments are up-to-date.

13 Auditing Clerks Verify that the transaction records posted by others are accurate.

14 Bank Teller Prospects (job outlook) has improved as banks open more branches (offices). BUT…..UHT OH! Internet and telephone banking have decreased the need for tellers!

15 Secretaries Expected to grow slower because of improving technology and few people leaving the career. More computer software knowledge and higher certification of skills increases your job opportunities in this area.

16 Library assistants Help librarians organize resources and make them available to cardholders. Job outlook is good because most are part-time with much turnover. Appeals to retirees, students and others looking for a foot in to the library.

17 Related HS classes… Accounting Computer software English Math
Business courses Keyboarding

18 Interviewer A person who gathers information from others.
Doctors’ offices use them for patient records. Eligibility interviewers for government programs to determine eligibility.

19 Interviewer (cont.) Loan interviewers check people’s credit records and make decisions about the reliability of applicants for loans and credit cards. Job outlook depends on the economy.

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