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French Continuers Listening & Responding 2013 Kate Layhe MLC School.

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1 French Continuers Listening & Responding 2013 Kate Layhe MLC School

2 How do I prepare? Complete past listening papers available from the BOS site and your teacher When you have completed them, self correct using the transcript Learn words commonly occurring in the listening examinations Listen to French at every opportunity, songs, podcasts, films, the news ………

3 Where do I find past papers?

4 More specifically

5 What is in the listening examination? You will hear about 8 or 9 passages in French The passages are read twice with pauses between each reading. There is a longer pause after the second reading It will last approximately 30 minutes The questions will be in English and you are to answer in English. The examination is worth 25 marks. The examination passages usually become more complex as it progresses.

6 The questions Ensure you READ the question carefully Question will range in value from 1 mark to 5 or 6 marks There are a variety of question types short answer multiple choice completion of a table extended responses

7 Answering the questions On the first hearing, write in the candidates notes and then write your full answer on the lines provided. The candidates notes will NOT be marked. Write your answer in English. If you write a word in French, write the English next to it. Use the amount of space provided to answer the question! Ensure you are answering all aspects of the question. In the last few questions you will often need to provide a holistic answer/comparison/links as well as specific detail. After the examination is finished go back and check you have fully answered the question and look up words using the dictionary if need be.

8 Let’s try a question!

9 How is the examination marked? There are a teams of qualified teachers to correct each section of the paper with a senior marker overseeing each section There are a number of processes built in to ensure accuracy in the marking It is very fair!

10 Marking Guidelines

11 Sample Answer

12 Advice from the Marking Centre Candidates need to read and answer the question carefully in English, not just provide detail from the text It is important to understand ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions and not turn them into language questions. Be precise in your language. For example, do not write ‘the woman’ if it has been specified as ‘the mother’ Remember, the Candidate’s Notes section is not read, transfer the information to the answer Avoid contractions in your answers. Ensure handwriting is legible s

13 Where can I go for more help? Your teachers NSW BOS Website: HSC Online Website: NSW Students Online: ps_and_materials/

14 Good luck Seek help when you need it! Study hard! Take time to relax! Enjoy!

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