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Dr. Karen Huffman Special Assistant to the State Superintendent.

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1 Dr. Karen Huffman Special Assistant to the State Superintendent


3 Weve been looking forward to your return!

4 Special Thanks!

5 Video Reflection…

6 Stephen Walls I will do my best to make a difference in the lives of students at Wyoming East High School. I am going to change the way that we look at teaching and learning. I believe we can! If we work together and try new ideas and techniques and learn from each other we will be successful.

7 William Chapman I commit to leading my staff and school to the future. We will work to enable every student to achieve in the 21 st Century.

8 Christine Richards My commitment to my staff, students, parents, and community is to travel with them to provide our students the best possible education so ALL students will be successful in the 21 st Century whatever it takes! Bulldog Pride

9 Sue Talbott I commit to sharing my enthusiasm for learning how we can best prepare our students for the 21 st Century. I commit to facilitating a change in the way we approach our instruction at Junior Elementary, helping all staff members accept that they are not teaching the students they used to teach, but the are teaching the students they have…the future.

10 John R. Lewis I will celebrate the individual student and staff member of my school. I will strive to make my school a happy and rewarding place to learn.

11 Stephen Taylor I will do everything in my power to lead everyone in my school into the 21 st Century.

12 Ralph Board I promise that I will find the positive in everyone I come in contact with and I will do everything in my power to lead Parkersburg High School into the 21 st Century.

13 Bruce Martin To start my students on the journey into 21 st Century learners.

14 Randall Farley I commit to 21 st Century learning and leadership. I will do my best to change and inspire others to change. I will do my best to support my school community to make sure our school is a wonderful place to learn.

15 Roger Barker I commit to leading my school into the 21 st Century. I promise to employ the skills I have learned. I promise to do my very best. I will make sure all of my students develop a positive relationship with an adult and contribute their best to society.

16 Dave Moore I will use all the things that I have been taught, and take it back to my school, so that we may prepare our children for the 21 st Century.

17 Julie Hedge I pledge to create change and to transform Montrose into a 21 st Century school. I will start a chain reaction!

18 Mary Terry I pledge my all to the students of my school, and I will see that they have the skills to succeed in the 21 st Century.

19 Carla Rogers I will do everything in my power to provide the students with the necessary skills to be successful in the 21 st Century. To be caring, adults and contributing members to society.

20 Brenda Wells Increase positive culture and decrease toxic culture for students and teachers

21 Karen Kirby I believe that an education full of academic rigor, values and caring for each other is the greatest gift we can give our children. I believe that as principal, I have the potential to influence the life of every student in my school. I make this commitment to give them every opportunity.

22 Kay Bowling I pledge to take 21 st Century learning back to my students, my school, and my community and prepare children for careers and life experiences in the future.

23 Butch Varney That I will help my students and staff become 21 st Century students and teachers.

24 Clinton Giles I pledge that with all of my fiber, wisdom, skill, knowledge, and ability, to faithfully uphold the commitment I have undertaken … to provide the leadership as principal of Capital High School to ensure that each student who enters our doors receives a world class, 21 st Century learning skill centered education.

25 Kathryn Moore I promise to serve the student and staff of Van High School. I will provide the leadership for each and everyone to reach their fullest potential academically, socially, and emotionally.

26 Janice Goodwin To provide leadership for their entry into the world To provide leadership to guide them to be caring, productive members of the world I commit to caring

27 Kirk King I will commit my energy, efforts, and expertise to assist my educational community in the journey into the wonderful world of 21 st Century learning.

28 Richard Grim I would like to commit myself to making my school one that prepares students for the 21 st Century.

29 Amanda Smith I am committed to helping students be the best they can be; emotionally, behaviorally, and academically. I will focus on implementing 21 st Century skills and creating positive changes in my school and community. My students success will be measured beyond academics and include integrity, character, and compassion for self and others.

30 Steve Wamsley I will lead you closer to being prepared for the 21 st Century than you have ever been before.

31 Kimberly Green I am committed to leading my school using 21 st Century leadership skills I have gained while attending the institute.

32 Phillip Dobbins I am committed to changing instruction in my school from traditional classes to 21 st Century classes.

33 David Dilly I commit to lead with 21 st Century skills and to care for all put in my charge.

34 Robin Daquilante I am committed to display the leadership skills necessary to prepare our students with the rigorous skills of the 21 st Century.

35 Gayle Mills My role as a leader will be driven by my moral imperative. I am placed in time, armed with tools, supported by my administration, and have a driving desire to improve the opportunities for student learning and for teacher professional growth. I will carefully construct my plan of action to achieve a vision of excellence in education for the 21 st Century.

36 Rose Kelly I am committed to the vision of 21 st Century school because I know thats what is best for my students.

37 Keith Enoch I will strive to be a leader of leaders, a leader of change, one who focuses on my students allowing them to become all that they can be. To ensure that they are prepared for their world outside of school.

38 Betty Atwood I commit to leading the students and staff of my school into the 21 st Century.

39 Davene Burks I make a commitment to lead my students and teachers into the 21 st Century by being a dedicated leader. I will adhere to the elements of 21 st Century learning. We will succeed together in this endeavor!

40 Darlene Lindsay I pledge to the children of North Elementary is to be instrumental in starting them on an exciting journey as life-long active learners in the exciting world of the 21 st Century.

41 Thomas Strahin This is a commitment to a new beginning that strengthens the commitment of truly serving student needs instead of our comfort zones and past. It is a commitment to learning for staff and students to provide skills and aptitudes needed in the 21 st Century.

42 Ricky San Julian I commit to be the very best leader possible. I commit to students that I will bring to bear all necessary resources to enable them to reach a bright and secure future. I commit to teachers that I will work with them to enable them to open educational doorways, through the use of 21 st Century teaching skills. Finally, I commit to every parent who sends their children to my care to do my best to be the leader they expect.

43 Ryan Kittle I commit to higher levels of rigor, improved relevance and stronger relationships so the children of West Virginia will be successful in the 21 st Century.

44 Dorothy (Jan) Nichols I am committed to making Kingwood Elementary a school of 21 st Century skills and learning.

45 David Startzel I am committed to providing my students a quality education with 21 st Century Learning tools. I will also provide my staff the training and skills they need to bring about this change.

46 Adam Grygiel Develop a culture for every student, that will carry them into the 21 st Century.

47 David Cottrell I am committed to the students of my school to care about each one of them and to lead and develop them into the best students that they can be.

48 James Forst I will begin the process to bring my school into the 21 st Century, in the hope that changes made will prepare our students to be productive citizens of the future.

49 Michael Cutright I commit to the ideals of 21 st Century learning for my students and my school. I will make every effort to ensure their success in the future.

50 Ken Heiney I can be an individual who will be a person of positive change. I can impact my portion of the world.

51 Grace Tallhamer I commit to work harder to develop a more caring culture for the students at RLBMS, Lewis County and West Virginia for the 21 st Century.

52 Robert DeSantis I commit to do my absolute best at Morgantown High School for the benefit of ALL students. I WILL provide the necessary leadership to move our school into the 21 st Century.

53 Rhonda Jelich I commit to leading the staff and students of Clay Elementary into the 21 st Century, by using the tools that I have been given.

54 William Sherwood To expand all of my strength, knowledge, time, and attitude to intensify the 21 st Century leadership concepts for learning into all individuals that come in contact with schools in West Virginia.

55 H. Moke Post I commit to researching and developing a better school culture for our children.

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