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Educational Platform Cheryl Urbanovsky. I believe education is a calling. As educators, we are called to walk with our children as they begin their journey.

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1 Educational Platform Cheryl Urbanovsky

2 I believe education is a calling. As educators, we are called to walk with our children as they begin their journey. It is our job to bridge the gap between the here and now and what is to come. We are challenged to guide the children, not to the answers to the questions, but to lead them to the knowledge of how to find the answer. And more, we are to teach them to ask the questions. We are called to teach, to guide, to lead, and to inspire. Calling

3 I believe the purpose of education is to open the minds of children, to reveal the power in knowledge, and to grow students into life long learners prepared to make a difference in an ever changing global society. Purpose

4 I believe in “thick vision.” This vision communicates both the purpose and values of the organization. It is a statement inspired by the collective, shared values and beliefs of all stakeholders. Decisions are made based on the collective vision. Leadership and all stakeholders stand together, the vision is clear and focused, and it gives direction about how stakeholders are expected to behave and inspires them to give their best. Vision

5 I believe that school should be a place of honesty, and trust among leaders, teachers, students and staff. Decisions made should foster equality, integrity, and justice. School should be an environment of safety where all are treated equally and fairly. School should be a place where diversity is celebrated where differences do not set us apart, but where they enrich a distinctive culture. Environment

6 I believe that distinctive culture defines a school. Culture influences every aspect of an organization. It is the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors which characterize a school. Traditions and celebrations, a sense of community, a sense of family all come together to define school culture. Culture

7 I believe that the school organization should be a transparent one. Communication should be frequent and clear. I believe that school should be permeated by common goals, open and honest communications, common agreement on curricular and instructional components, and an abundance of humor and trust. Expectations, missions and requirement should be clear and precise. Communication

8 I believe that as an educator, I must lead by example. I believe that leaders should be servants and minister to the needs of the learning community. I must be a servant to the teachers, students, staff, and to the organization. I must put them before myself and be a leader who is compassionate, kind, disciplined, self motivated, and ready to stand with and for the school. It is my job to see to the needs of all the stakeholders and to provide an environment where all can be successful. Stakeholders respond to chosen leaders because they are proven and trusted as servants. Servants

9 I believe in shared leadership, a shared covenant that binds together stakeholders in a moral commitment with a desire for purpose, meaning and significance in what one does that motivates all to higher levels of commitment and performance. Shared leadership decreases dependency and builds capacity. Relationships should be collegial. Administrators should be a leader of leaders. Committed and disciplined leaders earn capacity among stakeholders. Shared Covenant

10 I believe that teachers as professionals should be empowered to make decisions and given resources and capacity to be successful. Successful schools foster collegial relationships between teachers and supervisors. Teachers are given authority for decision making. The focus is on teacher growth, on teacher collaboration, and mutual respect Empower

11 I believe that the value of the curriculum is determined by the depth of teaching. Curriculum should be a framework in which skills are taught and critical thinking is challenged. A successful curriculum is learner centered, challenging, and real world applicable. It should be both rigorous and relevant for all stakeholders. Curriculum

12 I believe that students should be in charge of their learning. They should be given the opportunity to be active participants. When people make the decisions, ownership follows, commitment grows, and success increases. Ownership

13 I believe that the image of the learner should be self motivated, self reliant, and focused. Learners should be challenged by the curriculum is a way that fosters self evaluation and correction. Self confidence and discipline should be obvious among all learners. Learners

14 I believe that stakeholders must have the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about the best way to promote learning, the skills and authority to translate their ideas into effective action, and accountability to all. Stakeholders are committed to the vision and culture because they find meaning in what they do. Shared responsibility has its own intrinsic value to those committed to the vision and mission of a school. As the level of responsibility increases so does the level of commitment and the level of success. Commitment

15 Educational Platform Cheryl Urbanovsky

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