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Your Name Title Institution Exploring New Cultures.

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1 Your Name Title Institution Exploring New Cultures

2 Introduction In this slide you will want to introduce yourself and tell the audience where you are from and why you are in America. In the next couple of slides you will want to tell the audience more about your home country in greater length.

3 3 Overview of my Country In this slide provide a basic overview of your country. Introduce where you are from and mention the cultural differences and attractions of your country. In the next few slides show the place and role of your country in the world – each role being a slide and highlight the attractions and significance of each region.

4 4 My Region of the World Add pictures and information about your region of the world (ex. Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Western Africa, etc.)

5 5 My Country Add information here about your country, such as geography, population, your political system (president, monarchy, prime minister, etc.) types of houses, currency, types of food, fun things kids would be interested in, etc.

6 6 My City Add pictures and information about city views, your friends, where you went to school, places in your community, etc.

7 7 Culture Have a slide here about your culture of your home country and how it differs from culture in the U.S. Perhaps you want to include differences in lifestyle, food, dress etc.

8 8 Attractions Mention here different attractions to your country-both physical and intangible. May want to include picture of a landmark or just a picture you are fond of at home. Another attraction might be the language, and you can say a sentence or two in your native language.

9 9 My Favorite Thing… Tell students about one of your favorite things about your country to help them understand the wide variety of things you can experience while in a different country.

10 Typical Living in (home Country) Provide information here about what daily living is like in your home country…include pictures, and highlight the differences between typical living arrangements back home and those evident in the U.S. Include these even if they are minute differences-such as different kinds of toilets or different eating utensils.

11 Learn about new places. To meet new people and make new friends To study new things To learn to speak a new language Develop leadership skills Create new confidence and self esteem Why Learn about New Cultures?

12 Top 5 Reasons to Learn about New Cultures 1. Learning about new cultures is a life-altering experience! 2. A chance to learn about yourself and be independent 3. Gain perspective on your own country and culture 4. Learn a new language 5. Explore your own heritage

13 13 What's so great about teenagers learning about new places? It opens you up to tons of opportunities to learn a language, make new friends and keep those international friends for years to come. You will change in ways you never expected.

14 14 Where Can You Go?

15 Africa

16 Asia

17 Latin America

18 Europe

19 Middle East

20 North America

21 21 There is a big world beyond the U.S. Who do I know of who is from another country? ?

22 22 Musicians Nelly Furtado: Singer-Songwriter who was born and raised in Victoria, British Colombia, Canada. She credits her ethnic background and childhood for their cultural influence which sparked her creativity. James Blunt: Singer-Songwriter who was born in Tidworth, Wiltshire, England. He served in the British Army for four years before he began his singing career. Here you might want add information and an example of Music that is native to your home countrythe most Popular indigenous music- you can easily add an audio clip Here to play for this slide, you may also want to highlight One or two famous musicians from your home country… Below are two examples of international musicians with a Short biography.

23 23 Athletes Agnieszka Bibrzycka is a 24-year-old basketball player for the San Antonio Silver Stars. She is from Poland, and was named the Womens European Player of the Year for 2003-2004 by the prestigious Italian paper, La Gazzetta dello Sport. Dirk Nowitzki is a 28-year-old basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks. He is from Würzburg, West Germany, and is a five-time All-Star. He is also six-time all NBA, was the World Championships MVP in 2002, and the Eurobasket MVP in 2005. Here you may want to include any information about athletics, And how they might differ in your home countrymaybe Soccer is called football and is more popular, or perhaps in Your home country people play different games-like rugby or Cricket. You also may want to highlight a famous athlete from Your country in a short biographybelow are two examples of International professional athletes who have come to the U.S..

24 24 Actors Hugh Jackman, was born in Sydney, Australia, and is best known as Wolverine in the X-Men movies. Isla Fisher, is an Australian actress, born in Muscat, Oman. She is best known for her breakout role as Gloria in Wedding Crashers. Here you may want to mention (if applicable) famous actors Or famouspeople in general that are from your home country. They can be international icons or just famous within your home Country. Again, below are two examples of short biographies Of two actors whom are from foreign countries but famous in The U.S. entertainment industry!

25 Everyone can learn about new cultures

26 26 Why I Studied In the U.S. Now that students have heard various reasons to study in the U.S., you can help to inspire them and personalize your presentation by telling them what motivated you to study in the U.S. You may offer a unique perspective, or what ultimately made you study abroad might be what a student needs to hear to decide to study abroad themselves.

27 Questions? Offer here to answer any questions they may have about your home country, study abroad, life back home, or how life is for you being a foreigner living and studying in the U.S. You will want to come prepared to answer questions so consider these issues in advance and how you may want to respond to these concerns.

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