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Introduction to Study Abroad in the USA

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1 Introduction to Study Abroad in the USA
Insert Institution Name, Your Name, Title, Department

2 What is Study in the USA? Studying abroad in the USA is both a fun and safe experience where one person travels to live in and learn about the United States. "I had so much fun! The experience was incredible. I met the best people in the whole world. I would go again in an instant. THIS WAS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER DONE!" -Nikki, Study Abroad Student                          

3 Top Reasons to Study in the USA
To have fun To learn about other places and people (CULTURE) To travel to the USA To meet new people and make new friends To study new things To learn to speak English

4 Why Study Abroad in the USA
Develop leadership skills Exciting experiences Create new confidence and self esteem “I had the time of my life!” Randi, 6th Grader CHANGE PICTURE

5 Who Can Study in the USA High school students: They can go for the school year, semester, or maybe just a few weeks out of the summer. University Students: They can study for a summer, semester, year or even their entire university life can be spent abroad.

6 Why I Studied in the U.S. Add your own reasons here why you studied in the U.S. to inspire them by learning from your perspective. These children may know very little about studying in the U.S., so now is your chance to pass on your knowledge to encourage studying abroad.

7 Study Abroad Student Experiences in the USA

8 My Favorite Memory… Tell students about one of your favorite memories from studying in the U.S. to help them understand the wide variety of things you can experience while in a different country.

9 Where Can You Go? INSERT MAP OF USA

10 North East Italy France CHANGE PICTURES Greece Germany

11 Mid West Japan CHANGE PICTURES China


13 West Coast Kenya South Africa Ghana

14 My Experience in the U.S. Create several slides here to show pictures of your time spent in the U.S. about where you lived, what you did, and who you met.

15 My trip to… Use this slide to insert pictures from your time in the U.S. so that students can see more personal pictures. Don’t be afraid to insert pictures of yourself! Anyone can look up pictures of monuments on the internet or in a book, but by seeing you at these locations personalizes a trip.

16 How to Get to the USA Talk to your parents
Visit your school counselor and see what programs are available Apply for a program Get your passport Pack your bags Keep in touch (international calling cards, international cell phones, s, and letters) CHANGE PICTURES

17 Living Arrangements Living arrangements vary from one locations to another. Possibilities include residence halls, host families, and boarding houses. In some cases you will have a meal plan, in other cases your host family will provide your meals.

18 This is where I lived… Use this slide to insert pictures or to discuss the living arrangements you experienced. If you lived both with a family and in a different setting, use those experiences to contrast. You could write pro/cons of different living set ups, or include a funny memory of culture shock or something surprising. Remember, the kids are interested in hearing about you, and hearing your story may enable them to not feel so scared about living away from home.

19 Everyone Can Study in the USA

20 Questions? Offer to answer any questions the audience
might have on what studying and daily life is like in the U.S., or how if feels to be a foreigner during college, or how if feels to return home to your native country etc. You will want to come prepared to answer questions so consider these issues in advance and how you may want to respond to these concerns.

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