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1 The California Preschool Curriculum Framework, Volume 1 Book Walk.

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1 1 The California Preschool Curriculum Framework, Volume 1 Book Walk

2 2 Whats in Volume 1? Social-Emotional Development Language and Literacy English-Language Development Mathematics

3 3 Lets Explore the Framework

4 4 A Message from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (p. v) Highlights

5 5 What Does the Framework Do? Created as a companion to the California Preschool Learning Foundations, Volume 1, this framework presents strategies and information to enrich learning and development opportunities for all of Californias preschool children. p. v

6 6 Acknowledgments (p. vii) Project leaders Principal writers Community college faculty advisers Universal design advisers Project staff and advisers from the WestEd Center for Child and Family Studies Staff from the California Department of Education Early childhood education stakeholder organizations Participants in the formative and review focus groups Participants in the Web posting process Participants in the public hearing process

7 7 Chapter One: Introduction (p. 1) Highlights

8 Chapter 1 Californias Children p. 3-5 English- language Development in All Domains p. 10-13 Universal Design for Learning p. 13 Daily Schedule p. 16-19 Curriculum Planning p. 13-16 Overarching Principles Organization Curriculum- Planning Process

9 9 Chapter Two: Early Learning and Development System (p. 29) Highlights

10 10

11 11 Chapters 3-6: The Learning Domains Highlights Social-Emotional Development p. 37 Language and Literacy p. 97 English-Language Development p. 177 Mathematics p. 231

12 12 Organization of the Domain Chapters

13 Whats First??? Guiding Principles Environments and Materials Summary of the Strands and Substrands

14 Strands and Substrands Place a sticky tab on the first page of each strand. Highlight the title of each substrand. Hint: Notice the strand and substrand on the bottom of each page.

15 Vignettes Each chapter has numerous vignettes to illustrate typical classroom scenarios. Locate and highlight two vignettes in the assigned chapter. Hint: Vignettes are in italicized typestyle and are identified in the column to the left with the word VIGNETTE in bold.

16 Vignettes Read through one of the vignettes identified. Highlight the teachable moment and/or planning learning opportunities associated with that vignette. Hints: Each vignette has at least one teachable moment and/or planning learning opportunity. Where included, they will be identified in the column to the left of the vignette.

17 Interactions and Strategies Following each vignette identified, highlight the paragraph that includes the words interactions and strategies. Hint: Interactions and strategies can be found in the paragraph immediately following each vignette.

18 Research Highlights Find and highlight one research highlight in the chapter. Hint: Research highlights are in shaded boxes set off from the rest of the text and headed with the words Research Highlight.

19 End of Each Domain Find and tab these three features found at the end of each domain. Bringing in All Together Engaging Families Questions for Reflection

20 Finally… Each chapter ends with: Teacher Resources References Endnotes

21 21 Dont Overlook… Appendices Appendix A. California Early Learning and Development System (p. 303) Appendix B. Reflections on Research: Phonological Awareness (p. 304) Appendix C. Reflections on Research: Alphabetics and Word/Print Recognition (p. 313) Appendix D. Resources for Teachers of Children with Disabilities or Other Special Needs (p. 319) Glossary

22 22 Thank You!

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