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DRDP Measure Slides by Domain

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1 DRDP Measure Slides by Domain
These slides can be dropped into a module.

2 The DRDP-PS© (2010) Assess children’s growth and development
Assists in curriculum planning Guides continuous program improvement The DRDP© is another element in California’s Early Learning System. It has been aligned to the foundations and the framework. It is a naturalistic, observation based assessment that occurs during the course of the daily routine. The DRDP© is : Used to assess children’s progress in the foundation Assesses children’s progress toward the foundations Mention the measures related to the domain being presented here. Have a few copies of the DRDP© on the table for those that are unfamiliar.

3 DRDP©(2010) Measures Teachers have the option to list the measure # and name if desired. The following slides can be dropped into a module that matches the DRDP© domains. For example, in a number module, teachers may drop in the mathematical measure and bold the text of the two measures related to number. See slide 8 for example.

4 Self and Social Development DRDP© Measures
Measure 1: Identity of self Measure 2: Recognition of own skills and accomplishments Measure 3: Expressions of empathy Measure 4: Impulse control Measure 5: Taking turns Measure 6: Awareness of diversity in self and others Measure 7: Relationship with adults Measure 8: Cooperative play with peers Measure 9: Socio-dramatic play Measure 10: Friendship with peers Measure 11: Conflict negotiations Measure 12: Shared use of space and materials Optional slide

5 Language and Literacy Development DRDP© Measures
Measure 13: Comprehension of meaning Measure 14: Following increasingly complex instructions Measure 15: Expression of self through language Measure 16: Language in conversation Measure 17: Interest in literacy Measure 18: Comprehension of age-appropriate text presented by adults Measure 19: Concepts about print Measure 20: Phonological awareness Measure 21: Letter and word knowledge Measure 22: Emergent writing Optional slide

6 English Language Development DRDP© Measures
Measure 23: Comprehension of English (receptive English) Measure 24: Self-expression in English (expressive English) Measure 25: Understanding and response to English literacy activities Measure 26: Symbol, letter and print knowledge in English Optional slide

7 Cognitive Development DRDP© Measures
Measure 27: Cause and effect Measure 28: Problem solving Measure 29: Memory and knowledge Measure 30: Curiosity and initiative Measure 31: Engagement and persistence Optional slide

8 Mathematical Development DRDP© Measures
Measure 32: Number sense of quantity and counting Measure 33: Number sense of mathematical operations Measure 34: Classification Measure 35: Measurement Measure 36: Shapes Measure 37: Patterning Optional slide

9 Measure 34 - Classification

10 Measure 36 - Shapes

11 Measure 37- Patterning

12 Physical Development DRDP© Measures
Measure 38: Gross motor movement Measure 39: Balance Measure 40: Fine motor skills Optional slide

13 Health DRDP© Measures Measure 41: Personal care routines
Measure 42: Healthy lifestyles Measure 43: Personal safety Optional slide

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