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Overview of quality work in Statistics Denmark Kirsten Wismer.

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1 Overview of quality work in Statistics Denmark Kirsten Wismer

2 Agenda  International quality systems  CoP in the European Statistical System  UN’s guidelines of Integrated Economic Statistics  Examples of quality work in Statistic Denmark  Institutional environment  Statistical processes  Statistical output  Maintaining qualified staff

3 Quality assurance in the European Statistical System  European Code of Practice (adopted in 2005)  Revised in 2011 -NSI and Eurostat are coordinators in ESSC -Some new indicators e.g.: Quality policy defined and public Advance notice is given on major revisions Statistical authorities implement a policy for training More use of administrative sources and linking Standardized solutions to increase effectiveness and efficiency  Monitoring European Statistical System (ESS) (82 indicators) 1.Institutional Environment (33 indicators) 2.Statistical processes (26 indicators) 3.Statistical Output (23 indicators)

4 Institutional environment  Strategy and planning  Strategy for the coming years (5 to 10) -CoP is the frame for quality work -Strategy 2015 (adopted in 2009)  Annual planning and follow up  Organisation of DST  Unit of methodology  Functional organisation of data collection and commercial activity  Focus on users  Good dialog through -advisory committees -working groups on specialised subjects -seminars  Maintain a high level of information

5 Statistical processes  Long tradition for integrated statistics  High priority to national accounts  System of social statistic's  Common basic register -Population register -Business register -Register for dwellings  Developing common methods  on sampling, editing, seasonal adjustment etc.  GSBPM processes  process model in Statistics Denmark  Standardisation of processes  common IT-tools on data collection, data archives, editing, dissemination  gradual introduction

6 Statistical output  Dissemination  Publication calendar and equal access to data -News release every day at 9.00  Policy for corrections  From paper to internet -New homepage -Efficient data bank – very detailed -News release every day – few selected data -Still missing ‘in between’  Solitary publications  Metadata  Quality declarations -under revision -measuring quality  Coherent system under way  Internal Forum for short term statistics  reviews before each publication  quarterly meetings

7 Maintaining well qualified staff  Recruit and keep well qualified employees  Strategic development of qualifications:  Qualifications of our employees must be developed in line with current and future needs in Statistics Denmark  Training  Internal training -Training on the job, share knowledge -Courses in e.g. IT, statistical methods, English  External training -International activities, e.g. meetings in Eurostat, international advising -Conferences and seminars -Courses EU-cooperation of courses in statistical domains Other professional and personal competences

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