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European Statistical Law – in preparation Kirsten Wismer & Lars Thygesen.

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1 European Statistical Law – in preparation Kirsten Wismer & Lars Thygesen

2 1. Professional independence 2. Administrative data 3. Coordinating role of the NSI 4. 'Commitments on Confidence in Statistics' Main topics 2

3  “Statistics must be developed, produced and disseminated in an independent manner,  particularly as regards the selection of techniques, definitions, methodologies and sources to be used, and the timing and content of all forms of dissemination,  and that the performance of these tasks is free from any pressures from political or interest groups or from Union or national authorities” 1. Professional independence 3

4  Rules for appointment and dismissal of Heads of NSI should be transparent and based on professional criteria only.  MS may establish a national body for assuring professional independence.  The Heads of NSI shall have the sole responsibility for  deciding on processes, method, publications and budget execution  coordinating national authorities  producing national guidelines to ensure quality.  At EU level, Eurostat shall act independently in ensuring the production of European statistics 1. Professional independence – means 4

5 1.NSIs, other statistical authorities and Eurostat shall have the right to access and use all administrative records, promptly and free of charge, and to integrate these administrative data with statistics. 2.NSIs and Eurostat shall be consulted and involved in design, subsequent development and discontinuation of administrative records built up and maintained by other bodies 3.NSIs and Eurostat shall be involved in standardisation activities concerning administrative records. 4.Access and involvement shall be limited to administrative records within their own respective public administrative system. 5.Administrative records shall be accompanied by relevant metadata. 6.The NSIs and owners of administrative records shall establish the necessary cooperation mechanisms 2. Administrative data 5

6 1.The NSIs shall have the responsibility for coordinating all activities at national level for the development, production and dissemination of European statistics. 2.The NSI shall act as the sole contact point for Eurostat. 3.Activities to be coordinated by the NSI:  Programming and reporting  Quality monitoring  Methodology  Data transmission  Communication 3. Coordinating role of the NSIs 6

7 The Head of NSI  should publish an annual report on production of European statistics in MS  should prepare national guidelines that ensure that the national production is in accordance with the Code of Practice MS  will ensure that production of European statistics is accordance to the these guidelines 3. Coordinating role – a compromise? 7

8 1.Political document aiming at creating good conditions for NSIs to comply with the CoP. 2.Purpose: to reinforce the quality of European statistics, to maintain users’ confidence and to strengthen the independence of NSIs and Eurostat. 3.Involve national governments in the responsibility for the country's compliance with the CoP. 4.Country specific and adapted to national specificities. CoC include specific undertakings by the government, national quality frameworks, self-assessments, improvement actions and monitoring mechanisms. 5.Focus on institutional principles (1-3). 6.Signed at the highest possible level by the government and the NSI. 4. Commitments on Confidence in Statistics (CoC) 8

9 The End!

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