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Assessment Update. 2012-2013 Courses Tested Agricultural Sciences and Technology 491030 Agricultural Business (.5 credit) 491060 Agricultural Marketing.

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1 Assessment Update

2 2012-2013 Courses Tested Agricultural Sciences and Technology 491030 Agricultural Business (.5 credit) 491060 Agricultural Marketing (.5 credit) 491180 Animal Science (.5 credit) 491200 Biological Animal Sciences (.5 credit) 491210 Biological Plant Science (.5 credit) 491230 Environmental Resources (.5 credit) 491270 Greenhouse Management (.5 credit) 491280 Introduction to Horticultural Science (.5 credit) 491310 Managing our Natural Resources (.5 credit) 491340 Plant Science (.5 credit) 491390 Agricultural Mechanics (1 credit)

3 2012-2013 Courses Tested Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications 493380 Fundamentals of Radio (1 credit) 493390 Intermediate Radio (1 credit) 493420 Fundamentals of Television (1 credit) 493430 Intermediate Television (1 credit) 559210 Dance Technique I (1 credit) 493500 Dance Technique II (1 credit) 493510 Dance Technique III (1 credit) 493600 Fundamentals of Graphic Communications (1 credit) 493610 Intermediate Graphic Communications (1 credit) 493640 Fundamentals of A/V Tech & Film (1 credit) 493650 Intermediate A/V Tech & Film (1 credit) 494150 Fundamentals of Advertising. & Graphic Design (1 credit) 494170 Intermediate Advertising & Graphic Design (1 credit) 494350 Fundamentals of Photography (1 credit) 494370 Intermediate Photography (1 credit)

4 2012-2013 Courses Tested Business and Marketing Technology 492050 Banking and Finance Principles (.5 credit) 492100 Computerized Accounting I (1 credit) 492110 Computerized Accounting II (1 credit) 492120 Computerized Business Applications(1 credit) 492140 Advanced Database (.5 credit) 492150 Digital Communications I (1 credit) 492160 Digital Communications II (1 credit) 492170 Entrepreneurship I (.5 credit) 492180 Entrepreneurship II (.5 credit) 492240 Introduction to Finance (.5 credit) 492320 Management (.5 credit) 492330 Marketing (1 credit) 492350 Marketing Management (1 credit) 492360 Digital Communications III (1 credit) 492370 Digital Communications IV (1 credit) 492380 Office Management (1 credit) 492450 Advanced Spreadsheets (.5 credit) 492490 ACE Approved Computer Applications I (.5 credit) 492500 ACE Approved Computer Applications II (.5 credit)

5 2012-2013 Courses Tested Family and Consumer Sciences 493010 Child Care Guidance, Mgmt., and Services (1 credit) 493020 Child Development (.5 credit) 493080 Family and Consumer Sciences (1 credit) 493110 Food and Nutrition (.5 credit) 493120 Food Production, Mgmt., and Services (1 credit) 493190 Personal and Family Finance (.5 credit) 493210 Parenting (.5 credit) 493240 Orientation to Teaching I (1 credit) 493310 Consumer Services (1 credit) 493320 Customer Relations (.5 credit) 494550 Cosmetology I (1 credit) 495560 Cosmetology II (2 credit)

6 2012-2013 Courses Tested Skilled and Technical Sciences 494620 Introduction to Criminal Justice (1 credit) 494630 Law Enforcement I (1 credit) 495300 Human Anatomy & Physiology (1 credit) 495340 Introduction to Medical Professions (.5 credit) Engineering Technology 494700 Drafting and Design (1 credit) 494710 Architectural CAD I (1 credit) 494740 Engineering CAD I (1 credit)

7 2012-2013 Testing Calendar Fall Semester Registration Window November 26-30, 2012 Testing Window December 5, 2012-January 11, 2013 Spring Semester Registration Window April 15-April 19, 2013 Testing Window April 22-May 24, 2013 Registration and Testing Windows Traditional Scheduling Schools

8 2012-2013 Testing Calendar Registration and Testing Windows 4X4 Block Scheduling Schools 1 st Quarter3 rd QuarterRegistration Window September 24-28, 2012February 18-22, 2013Testing Window October 8-26, 2012February 25- March 15, 2013 2 nd Quarter4 th QuarterRegistration Window November 26-30, 2012April 15-April 19, 2013Testing Window December 5, 2012-April 22-May 24, 2013 January 11, 2013

9 Changes for 2012-2013 Teachers no longer required to register students – Rosters will automatically populate from APSCN Student Management System data – Students dropped and added automatically – Will have ability to deactivate students that should not take assessment (EOC Portfolio Assessment or ELL Levels 1 and 2) No Wetest website Information will be distributed from ACE website. Go to, click on Career and Technical Education tab, look for CTE EOC Assessment link on left (link is not active at this time)

10 Changes for 2012-2013 District Level Testing Coordinator – Training by PCG at each coop – Responsible for training all district CTE teachers on new testing system – First person to contact when experiencing problems Will be able to test using Windows and MAC OS New secure browser

11 Changes for 2012-2013 Student Information – Teachers will have access to student data Demographic information Test history – Academic and CTE Reports – Teachers will be able to print a variety of detailed reports at end of testing period – No waiting to receive testing data from coop CTE coordinator CTE Student Competency Testing listserv – All information regarding testing distributed through this listserv – To become a member, follow the link

12 Q&A If you have questions or need assistance with testing, you can email the following: You can also contact us by phone (but we prefer email) Lesia Karen 501-683-6254501-682-1042

13 PCG EdPlan IMS Introduction Presented at the ACTE Conference Hot Springs, Arkansas July 24, 2012

14 Agenda CTE EOC Online Testing Vendor Meet the new vendor Public Consulting Group, Inc. Changes to the process Changes in information access System Overview Student information available to teachers Access to reports 14

15 PCG Education Serve clients in the United States, Canada, Poland, European Union, New Zealand, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Offices in the United States, Montreal, Canada and Lodz, Poland 15 PCG Education provides financial, operational, technology, and academic support services to school districts, state departments, and foundations across the world.

16 Interesting Facts 16 Number of PCG Education Clients: 4,000 US Districts: 8 of the largest 10 US Districts: 42 of the largest 100 Partners: Pearson, Specialist Schools & Academies Trust (SSAT) I the UK, University of Twente in the Netherlands, Modern Didactics Center in Lithuania, Institute for Information Management in Germany Data Warehouse: 5M students supported Medicaid: $2.75B collected for clients Special Education Technology: 1.4M students supported – 20% of US Market Special Education Technology: 14M IEPs created from 350,000 users

17 PCG Education Clients 17 States State of Tennessee State of New Jersey State of Michigan State of Indiana State of Arizona State of Georgia State of Illinois State of Washington State of Kansas State of Massachusetts State of Arkansas International Calgary Board of Education Hastings & Prince Edward DSB (CN) Saskatchewan Rivers School District (CN) Central Okanagan SD23 (CN) Świętochłowice City (Urząd Miasta Świętochłowice), Poland Gymnasium no. 3 in Swietochlowice (Zespół Szkół i Pracy Pozaszkolnej w Świętochłowicach), Poland Primary school and Gymnasium no. 1 in Grotniki (Zespół Szkolno-Gimnazjalny w Grotnikach), Poland Zgierz Commune (Urząd Gminy Zgierz), Poland European Commissions Comenius Program Districts Chicago Public Schools School District of Philadelphia Miami-Dade Public Schools Broward County (FL) Schools Clark County Schools (NV) Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Memphis Public Schools Atlanta Public Schools District of Columbia Public Schools

18 18 Approach to Solving Client Problems Combining the Right Mix of People, Process, Knowledge & Technology Client Focus Proven Results Education Consulting TechnologyManagement Consulting

19 19 What makes PCG Education DIFFERENT? PCG Education provides a lasting partnership with districts by providing extensive support and services creating a solid foundation for success. Managing and leading change is essential for ensuring successful integration of solutions. At an organizational level, change management means defining and implementing strategic and purposeful plans to deal with changes in the organizational environment and to gain from those opportunities.

20 EdPlan TM Student Success Planning 20

21 Single Point of Access 21 Reporting & Data Management Dashboards, one-click reports, & comprehensive reporting of all assessment, programmatic, demographic, & administrative data Assessment Management Manage district, campus, & teacher assessments. Online, OMR, plain paper scanning, clicker, or teacher entry delivery options. Ultimate item bank flexibility Curriculum Management Schedule, deliver, & manage standard-based content; custom templates & lesson planning; links to local, state, & Common Core standards Graduation Planning Helps meet the requirements of the America Diploma Initiative. Customized development & monitoring graduation goals, tracks, & plans Program Tracking Reporting & management of special program information; access to instructional modifications in response to intervention Student & Parent Portal Secure student & parent access to assignments, grades, attendance, assessments, & instructional resources Early Warning System Alerts educators & gives them the ability to promptly react to student distress signals, redirect potential dropouts, & monitor interventions & programs Educator Effectiveness Capture, track, and manage observational, evaluation and appraisal data; comprehensive reporting by employee, campus, and district Gradebook Management Flexible grade reporting; traditional, project based, standards based, & learning/rubric based grading

22 Our Arkansas Experience 22 Arkansas Target Test Project The system that provides the item banking, test construction, test delivery and reporting for the Arkansas Target Test interim assessment project. Wilbur Mills EOC Interim Assessment Project The system that provides the item banking, test construction, test delivery and reporting for the Wilbur Mills Coop interim assessment project for Arkansas online CTE EOC assessments.

23 Changes in WETEST 23 APSCN Interface Roster verification instead of registration Access to student demographic and program information Assessment Data Immediate access to EOC results for student, class, campus, region and district Access to national and state test data

24 24 Public Consulting Group, Inc. 401 Church St. Suite 2420, Nashville, Tennessee 37219 (615) 983-5300,

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