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Objective SRC-SLRD ESSIP Plan 2013 Agnieszka DYBOWSKA DSS/EIPR 13.09.2013.

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1 Objective SRC-SLRD ESSIP Plan 2013 Agnieszka DYBOWSKA DSS/EIPR 13.09.2013

2 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-SLRD2 Comprehensive Explanation Scope/Applicability: Applicable to civil & military REG, incl. NSAs only REG/ MIL SLoAs Encompasses ANS plus the related ATFM and ASM functions (full ATM/ANS) Applicable Areas: 4 States: AM, AZ, TR, UA

3 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-SLRD3 Comprehensive Explanation 1.REG01: Develop/establish an acceptable level of safety & ensure its constant review ( LAs to address evidences that the State has formally established an acceptable level of safety to be achieved for ATS provision, in terms of safety goals, as per ICAO Annex 11and that the State ensures its review) Note: Where ALS or TLS have been established by ANSPs, those may be taken into account only if approved/ endorsed by the REG authority 2.REG02: Establish national institutional arrangements for the reporting & investigation system in a Just Culture environment (LAs to address references of new or modified regulations for the formalised national institutional arrangements for reporting & investigation) 3.REG03: Ensure availability of comprehensive safety data (LAs to address evidences that NSA requires aviation entities (incl. ANSPs): have documented reporting & assessment processes in place assess occurrences that may affect safety and/or safety of ATM services; analyse the causes and determine severity; use occurrence analysis results for remedial action; secure, record & store all results.)

4 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-SLRD4 Comprehensive Explanation 4. REG04: Monitor safety performance (Ask for evidences ref. application to ASM, ATFM and ref. Risk Classification Scheme applied) 5. REG05: Implement process to issue Safety Directives whenever immediate safety action is required (LAs to address ref. of NSA procedures to issue SDs; if they address all functional systems, in particular the technical systems and constituents; arrangements with other authorities; examples) 6. REG06: Publish an Annual SO Report (LAs to address: ref. of documented arrangements for production, use (e.g. State SES Annual Report, FAB))

5 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-SLRD5 What is new or has changed since LSSIP 2012 Minor changes in ESSIP Plan Edition 2013 (only modification of the numbers of Regulations applicable) No link with European ATM Master Plan

6 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-SLRD6 Supporting Material Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 1034/2011 on Safety Oversight ESARR 1, ESARR 2, ESARR 3; and associated Guidance Material Commission Regulation (EC) 1321/2007 for the integration into central repository of information on civil aviation occurrences Commission Regulation (EC) 1330/2007 for the dissemination to interested parties of information on civil aviation occurrences Directive 2003/42/EC on occurrence reporting in civil aviation

7 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-SLRD7 ESSIP Report 2012 Only one out of four States reported Objective SRC-SLRD as Completed Remaining three States have reported delays in implementation caused mainly by lack of safety levels.

8 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-SLRD8 Objective Coordinators Analysis, recommendations, tips & tricks In REG01 – ALS – giving references to compliance with ICAO Annex 11 is important; Do not accept silly statements such as An acceptable level of safety is maintained by means of regular audits & inspections by the NSA…; An ALS defined equal to the ECAC minima for accidents is incorrect if that figure was not properly apportioned in regard of the traffic corresponding to that particular State out of the ECAC total traffic. REG02 – Just Culture - Request that REG/NSA specifies and updates the legal references to the national regulations and other acts documenting their local arrangements for reporting & investigation within a Just Culture environment;

9 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-CHNG9 Links and contacts Objective Coordinator: Dybowska A., +32 2 729 5152 DSS Objective Expert(s): Deboeck, M., +32 2 729 3812

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