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Objective SRC-CHNG ESSIP Plan 2013 Agnieszka DYBOWSKA DSS/EIPR 13.09.2013.

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1 Objective SRC-CHNG ESSIP Plan 2013 Agnieszka DYBOWSKA DSS/EIPR 13.09.2013

2 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-CHNG2 Comprehensive Explanation Scope/Applicability: Applicable to civil & military REG, incl. NSAs only REG/ MIL SLoAs Encompasses ANS plus the related ATFM and ASM functions (full ATM/ANS) Applicable Areas: 4 States: AM, AZ, TR, UA

3 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-CHNG3 Comprehensive Explanation 1.REG01: Ensure notification by ATM organisations of planned safety related changes (LAs & Comments must explain if a documented process and formal arrangements are in place, and if there are records of notifications at the NSA) 2.REG02: Establish a process for the review of safety arguments, in accordance with articles 9 & 10 of EU 1034/2011 (LAs & Comments must address: if a documented process is in place, approved @ appropriate NSA level; conformity with Article 10(1) of SO-IR; or ESARR 1 edition 2.0; if adequately trained NSA personnel conducting the reviews & supporting guidance are in place; if reviews assess the acceptability of the safety arguments; and if the introduction into operational use of a change subject to such review is conditioned by an acceptance by the NSA (article 10(3) SO-IR).) 3.REG03: NSA to implement the process (LAs to address: evidence/ records of safety reviews by the NSA of the safety arguments submitted by the ATM organisations and evidence of actions taken; notifications of acceptance by the NSA of introduction of a change into operational use subject to the safety review.)

4 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-CHNG4 What is new or has changed since LSSIP 2012 Minor changes in ESSIP Plan Edition 2013 (only modification of the numbers of Regulations applicable) No link with European ATM Master Plan

5 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-CHNG5 Supporting Material The most important: Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 1034/2011 on Safety Oversight ESARR 1, Edition 2.0 EAM 1 / GUI 1 Explanatory Material on ESARR 1 Requirements

6 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-CHNG6 ESSIP Report 2012 Two out of four States reported Objective SRC-CHNG as Completed. Further 2 have reported delays in implementation due to lack of appropriate resources. Since last years report there has been no progress in the implementation of this Objective.

7 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-CHNG7 Objective Coordinators Analysis, recommendations, tips & tricks Processes or arrangements reported as Completed before Nov 2007 (EU) or Dec 2009 (non-EU) may hide non-compliance with current regulatory requirements. Request that REG/NSA specifies the legal references to the national implementing rules and other acts documenting their local arrangements for the safety oversight of changes (NSA procedures, manuals, guidelines to the safety auditors etc).

8 ESSIP Plan 2013 / Objective SRC-CHNG8 Links and contacts Objective Coordinator: Dybowska A., +32 2 729 5152 DSS Objective Expert(s): Deboeck, M., +32 2 729 3812

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