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South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning Bruxelles, Belgium 31 March 2011.

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1 South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning Bruxelles, Belgium 31 March 2011

2 First institutional development from the Charter/SBA process Directly supported by the European Commission through the IPA multibeneficiary programme Croatia offered to lead the process with full support of all countries included in the process; SEECELSEECEL

3 July 2009 - SEECEL founded as an independent institution with an international Steering Committee and its headquarter in Zagreb One of the first examples of regional cooperation directly led and operated from countries themselves with full EU support Active participation of all eight countries from the inception phase Co-founders: The Republic of Croatia Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship Croatian Chamber of Economy; December 2009 – Contract signed with the European Commission for a three year period Financing – 2 millions European Commission and Croatian national budget – MoELE Close cooperation with: EC, RCC, ETF, OECD Implementation ongoing

4 SEECEL Member States Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey. Significant interest shown in expanding the scope of SEECEL activities First case of successful diminishment of the risk of complex geopolitical relations in the region

5 SEECEL 2009 - 2012 StrategicgoalsPrimaryEducation ISCED 2 Higher Education ISCED 5/6TNA Community of experts – 90 (SEE and EU countries + EuroMeda) CoP platform

6 Primary Education – ISCED 2 Learning Outcomes Teacher Training and School Management Training Entrepreneurial School and EL School network Main points: General concepts with definition Relation with EQF, NQF and Curiculum Definition of main areas Strategic piloting in eight countries, 4 insitutions per country

7 Higher Education – ISCED 5/6 Learning Outcomes Entrepreneurial University and EL University network Main points: Non-economic studies General concepts with definition Relation with EQF, NQF, Curiculum Defining main areas Strategic piloting in eight countries, 2 insitutions per country

8 Training Need Analysis - TNA TNA methodology report and sampling proposal Regional TNA Questionnaire Piloting: 1 business association/country Establish Development and Advisory Network for Enterprise Training (DANET) Strategic piloting in eight countries, 1 insitution per country

9 ... and more Presented twice in the European Parliament as the best practice example Memorandum of Understanding with Regional Cooperation Council in finalisation phase Invited by RCC to participate as one of the implementing parties in the regional project related to strengthening female entrepreneurship - finalising the preparation of Women Entrepreneurship – a job creation engine for South East Europe which will be implemented in 9 countries: SEECEL member states + Moldova

10 SEECEL is a member of OECD projects Regional competitivenes initiative Steering Committee Member of expert team led by European Commission for SBA 2011 policy assessment process for SEE SEECEL is listed in a draft of Danube Strategy Action Plan (to be approved in June 2011) SEECEL is listed in the Western Balkans Investment Framework (December 2010) – application for a grant for technical documentation Invited by Serbian Parliament to present its activities (December 2010) Invited by the European Commission to participate in the high level symposium European process 2011 in the field of preparing education systems for entrepreneurial learning (Budapest, April 2011)

11 Since the Union has set five ambitious objectives – on employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and climate/energy - to be reached by 2020, SEECEL is definitely the regional initiative which by implementation of its activities such as fostering the entrepreneurial learning and developing the entrepreneurial mindset introduced to specific levels of education (ISCED 2 and 5/6), as well as assisting the existing businesses to target the training needs in the South East European region, is contributing significantly not only to reaching one of the listed objectives of the Europe 2020, but to reaching them all in order to ensure the sustainable development and economic growth. Relevance to Europe 2020 objectives of smart, sustainable, inclusive growth

12 Thank you for your attention visit us at Sandra Rončević, Assistant Director Selska cesta 217, HR-10 000 Zagreb, Croatia Tel:+385/(0)1/3040260

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