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Chapter 6 Sub-Group ICAO Headquarters, November 2013

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1 Chapter 6 Sub-Group ICAO Headquarters, November 2013
AIS AIM SG 8 Chapter 6 Sub-Group ICAO Headquarters, November 2013

2 CONTENTS Summary of progress until AIS AIM SG7
Key-points from Friedrichshafen Other inputs during informal ad-hoc meetings Final status

3 Provision of digital data services
ANNEX 15 SCOPE SERVICE 3 Value-added service with customized presentation of aeronautical information and data SERVICE 1 Provision of aeronautical information in a standardized pre-defined presentation SERVICE 2 Provision of digital data services

4 THE MAIN DRIVERS Service 1 = “legacy” (existing products)
Service 2 = “data sets” (complete or thematic) Split between Annex and PANS (“what” vs “how”) Continuity wrt previous amendments Consistency with Chapter 4 Need to address the update service (link with Chapter 5) Required incentive for Service 2 – releasing some obligations linked to Service 1 Having a reference to added-value services

5 Chapter 6 – Service 1 Continuity
States shall provide the following aeronautical information products: AIP, AIP amendments, AIC and SUP Aeronautical charts (as prescribed in Annex 4) NOTAMs / SNOWTAMs / ASHTAMs and summaries and checklists PIBs States should provide the following aeronautical information products: Aeronautical charts (as recommended in Annex 4) eAIP Electronic aeronautical charts Continuity

6 Chapter 6 – Service 2 Chapter 4 Continuity
The data included in Chapter 4 shall be provided through data services under one of the following forms: a complete data set several thematic data sets Data sets shall be categorized according to the following themes: terrain, obstacle, aerodrome mapping, en-route, aerodrome, instrument flight procedure design. Note: the selection of thematic data sets is intended to facilitate their use by digital data set users. States shall ensure that thematic data sets related to their entire territory are made available in the manner specified in x.x for use by international civil aviation. Chapter 4 Continuity

7 Chapter 6 – Update Service
An update service shall provide an update to the previously issued data set. Update service for operationally significant changes (equivalent to “NOTAM criteria”) allowing for immediate issuance to operational users. Update to their data set according to a fixed schedule (a.k.a. AIRAC). Chapter 5

8 CONTENTS Summary of progress until AIS AIM SG7
Key-points from Friedrichshafen Other inputs during informal ad-hoc meetings Final status

9 FDH main discussion items
Service 1 and Service 2 characteristics (eg format, metadata, etc.) need to be captured (in A15 or in PANS-AIM) Note on value-added services subject to various opinions (req’d / not req’d). PIB – argument as to whether this is a product or already a service – also it has no equivalent in Service 2 Data quality requirements: only prescriptive or as documented in metadata (so that prescriptive req’ts do not prevent States from providing data not meeting them all)

10 Service 1 - Progress Header
Aeronautical Information Publications and Circulars Contents General specifications (including distribution + “form” that can be either paper or eAIP) AIP amendments AIP supplements AIC Aeronautical charts Charts that shall / should be made available Consequential amendment on Annex 4 (“availability” sections) NOTAMs Origination, specifications and distribution Information provided by NOTAM shall be limited to the circumstances specified in PANS-AIM Pre-flight Information (not “Bulletin”) Post-flight to be covered under the QA umbrella

11 Service 2 - Progress Header and incentives : AIP “except when an equivalent data set is made available” - reference to PANS-AIM Digital data services: a very direct link with Chapter 4 E.g. “The elements listed in the sections 4.8 should be made available, for each aerodromes regularly used by international civil aviation, in the form of an "aerodrome data sets" except for the elements listed in sections 4.8.x,....” Thematic data shall include metadata (details in PANS-AIM), including QR compliance or deviations Distribution Standard: “Through electronic means” Recommendation: global interoperable communication network and web services (more in PANS) Service Level Agreements section to be updated for exchange of data sets

12 Service 2 – Progress (2) Update Service Digital NOTAMs
Completely re-issued data set (then recommendation to identify differences) and/or a sub-set that includes just the differences from the previously issued complete data set PANS-AIM to highlight provisions for the complete re-issue of certain data sets when a significant amount of changes has accumulated Digital NOTAMs Add definition Recommendation: when provided, they should apply the same format, distribution channels and temporal concepts as the baseline data service

13 Main action items from FDH
Chapter 5: “food for thought” to be developed (re-use SG for Chapter 6) Metadata: provisions to be developed (Action SH) Based on Chapter 3 section on metadata Add provisions re: DQR (and potential deviations) IFPD Need to present a Paper about our activity for the IFPP WGH (action PR) Mention that we do not go from scratch (wrt elements in PANS-OPS about data to be provided through AIS) The aim is that the IWG is formally tasked with development of the req’d IFPD data Chapter 3 (in PANS-AIM) – action SH: develop new text based on Appendix 7 + other DQR tables from other Annexes (11 and 14) PANS Chapter 6 (EN to propose a structure and contents and WG Ch 6 will further work on this) SLA in Chapter 2 : develop some text about the use of SLA for exchange of data sets (action Kelly)

14 FDH – Main point of divergence
“AIP data set” (only) vs “thematic data sets” Data sets as “shall” or “should” (with applicability dates as required) - with due consideration to 3 aspects Continuity Incentive towards data sets Phased approach

15 Informal ad-hoc sessions
ATIEC Conference August 2013 (presentation and review of the work progress) Make a difference between electronic version and data services Feeling that Pre-Flight is already a service Single VS Multiple data sets… Various F2F / webex sessions with Eurocontrol (link with Chapter 5) Chapter 5 needs to include the aeronautical updates (AIP amdmt, SUP and NOTAMs) Applicability dates should be linked to existing provisions Need to include some provisions about access to data (querry / reply, etc.) Single vs multiple data sets… Assessment of pros and cons of single vs multiple data sets Major Impact

16 CONTENTS Summary of progress until AIS AIM SG7
Key-points from Friedrichshafen Other inputs during informal ad-hoc meetings Final status

17 Final status Progress status
Draft Chapter 6: see Study Note XX and draft Annex 15 / PANS-AIM text on Google Docs Pending issues (action items and open points) to be addressed Assessment of data sets (unique / thematic) to be reviewed Mature draft expected by the end of this meeting Still various technical provisions to develop for PANS-AIM

18 List of issues to address at AIS AIM SG8
Major Single vs Thematic data sets Data sets as « shall » or « should » (and applicability dates) PIB Metadata and DQRs Other Data services related technical elements for PANS-AIM Link with IFPD SLA for data exchanges Electronic version VS data services Provisions about access to data Note referring to added-value services Status on PANS-AIM Chapter 6

19 THANKS And now let’s develop the Mature Draft !

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